UPDATE: New GHS Teacher Takes 6th Place in Woman's High Jump at Olympics

Update: Chaunte` Lowe takes 6th place at Olympics. Fellow American Brigetta Barrett takes the silver. Russian Anna Chicherova takes gold.

UPDATE: High Jump Olympic final 6 according to Reuters.

1.   Anna Chicherova (Russia)       2.05 metres
2.   Brigetta Barrett (U.S.)        2.03       
3.   Svetlana Shkolina (Russia)     2.03       
4.   Ruth Beitia (Spain)            2.00       
5.   Tia Hellebaut (Belgium)        1.97       
6.   Chaunte Lowe (U.S.)            1.97

Supporters from the local community can tune in to the Olympics at 2 p.m. Saturday to watch new teacher Chaunte`Lowe jump for the Gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

After qualifying with a second place jump of 1.93 meters (6.4 inches) on Thursday, Lowe qualified for the finals in the 2012 Olympic High Jump competition. Joining her in the finals is fellow American Brigetta Barrett, with the same jump height. Reuters reported that the only higher jump was by Svetlana Radzivil of Uzbekistan who cleared 1.96 meters. With a jump of 1.85 meters, the third member of the U.S. team, Amy Acuff, did not make it into the finals.

On her return to the U.S. following, Lowe will be taking up a position as a new math teacher at in Loganville. Lowe's husband, Mario, a triple-jumper, is also a new Gwinnett County teacher. He will take up a position as a teacher at GHS when the couple returns from London.


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