Walton County Schools Go Back Aug. 13

As Gwinnett County students head back to classrooms, Walton County students will be finalizing preparations to do the same a week later on Aug. 13.

Walton County students have a little longer than their neighbors in Gwinnett to enjoy the summer. With classes set to resume in Walton County on Aug. 13, school officials and parents are beginning early preparations to get students back to the classroom for the 2012/2013 school year.

Information is posted on the Walton County Public School website and will be updated on Loganville-Grayson Patch as it becomes available.

The following documentation is required for school registration as per the website:

Student’s Proof of Age

Present one of the following:

  • Birth certificate; or
  • Federal, state, county, or school document with date of birth. (Examples include hospital-issued birth record; military I.D.; valid driver’s license; passport; adoption record; religious record; school transcript; or affidavit of age sworn by parent/guardian or other authorized person accompanied by a certificate of age signed by a licensed, practicing physician which states the physician has examined the child and believes the age, as stated in the affidavit, is substantially correct.)

Proof of Authorized Person to Enroll

The following persons are authorized to enroll students:

  • Parent (natural or adoptive)
  • Legal guardian
  • Foster parent appointed by a state agency
  • Sponsor for approved International
  • Exchange Program

The person authorized to enroll should present one of the following:

  • Driver’s License
  • State identification card
  • Passport
  • Other official photo identification

Proof of Residency (Proof that family lives in Walton County attendance zone)

Present one of the following (must include address): AND Non-contingent sales contract

  • Current lease/rental agreement
  • Current paycheck stub
  • Current residential property tax statement or bill
  • Current warranty or quick claim deed
  • Current home purchase agreement
  • Current homeowner’s insurance policy

Third-person affidavit of residency (notarized residency affidavit, see below)

If the student’s family is residing in the home or apartment of another individual, the following is necessary for enrollment:

  • Notarized Residency Affidavit (available at school) including: Signature of person with whom the family is living, Apartment manager’s signature, if applicable and One of the following:
  • Current gas bill
  • Current water bill
  • Current electric bill

About Proof of Residency

1.  Documents presented for residency verification must include the same address as the accompanying utility bill.The bill must have the name and address of the enrolling parent/guardian.

  • A telephone bill is not acceptable.
  • A contingency sales contract is not acceptable.
  • Exception: A deed without an address is acceptable if accompanied by two utility bills (excluding telephone bills) with same address in attendance zone.

2.  Proof of residency for person with whom family is living (see above)

3.  A piece of business mail (i.e. cell phone, insurance notification, etc.) addressed to parent/guardian at the address of residence. Immunization/ Health Certificates.

Valid certificate of immunization (Ga. Health Dept. Form #3231), medical or religious exemption.

  • Vision, Hearing, and Dental Screening (Ga. Health Dept. Form #3300), available from the health department or your doctor/dentist. Letters from appropriate healthcare professionals and out-of-state certificates are acceptable, if completed within the last 12 months and stapled to the state form.

Previous School Records 

  • Report cards or official school transcript
  • Withdrawal form from previous school
  • Discipline records for students enrolling in grades 7-12
SUNKEN SUB July 26, 2012 at 03:18 PM
"Discipline records for students enrolling in grades 7-12" Bet that will REALLY help ! And you thought drivers licenses were hard to get :-))
Sharon Swanepoel July 26, 2012 at 03:23 PM
You have a point there!


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