Two for the Record Books for Bay Creek Archery Team

Bay Creek Elementary School is sending two teams to the World Archery Championship this year for a shot at making it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

After doing well at the regional and state level earlier this year, is sending its two teams to the World Archery Championships in Louisville, KY, on May 11 and 12.

“This year has been very exciting for our teams,” said Chad McGaughey, BCES PE teacher and archer coach. “On March 21, the teams travelled to Perry, Ga. for the NASP (National Archery In Schools Program) tournament and finished 2nd and 4th with two teams.”

The scores were high enough to qualify both teams for the world tournament next month – a huge event with more than 8,000 participants. In fact, so big that the Guinness Book of World Records will be in attendance to see if the event qualifies as a new world record.

“This will be the largest archery tournament. The record is held by China,” said Heather Holloway whose son, Skyler, is one of the team members competing. “We are so proud of these kids and this is an amazing honor for them to have gotten this far. Coach Mac is just amazing with these kids.”

Now for the difficult part - the teams have to raise $10,000 between them to send 48 people to the competition.

“We are looking for people to help sponsor our tri,” McGaughey said. “Any amount would be greatly appreciated. All money will go directly to our kids. The sponsorship money will go towards our kids staying in a hotel for two nights and the registration fee for the tournament.

Anyone who can help these young Loganville archers make their mark on history is asked to contact McGaughey at cmcgaughey@walton.k12.ga.us or by phone at 770-314-8993.


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