The Heart of a Warrior - From Critical to Graduation in 7 Weeks

Despite being critically injured in a car wreck over spring break, Walnut Grove High School senior Aaron Garcia, of Loganville, was released from hospital in time to walk in his graduation on Saturday.

could have been a much more somber occasion for students and faculty at . But the fact they weren't is testament to the spirit of WGHS senior and , the love and support of his family, friends and the WGHS community and, many would say, the

Garcia was one of five students injured in a . His injuries were critical and during those first few days, it was touch and go whether he would even survive. He remained in ICU in a hospital in Florida in a critical condition for almost a month, but each time his condition took a turn for the worse, . Garcia was eventually transported to a hospital in Atlanta for rehabilitation. He was released last week, just in time to walk across the stage and get his diploma during the graduation ceremonies at WGHS on Saturday.

When teacher Mitch Allgood read Garcia's name during the graduation ceremony, the emotion in his voice was unmistakable.

"A miracle on two legs," he later wrote on Facebook.

The stadium erupted in a loud cheer as Garcia, still bandaged and being steadied by the hand of a friend, triumphantly walked onto the stage and accepted his diploma. David Roche, whose son also is on the Warrior tennis team, said one of the most heartwarming parts of the whole story is the way the community came together to support Garcia and his family, including having several fundraisers to help the family with expenses.

Another student also seriously injured in the wreck, fellow Warrior tennis player, Alan Peper, had already returned to school. He too graduated on Saturday.


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