Spanish & Soccer Summer Camp for Kids

Campers learn about Hispanic culture while having fun.

Looking for a summer experience for your children this summer that’s both exciting and educational, where they can participate in physical activities while learning about a foreign culture?

Loganville resident Stephanie Langston has just the answer with her Spanish and Soccer Summer Camp, where participants will learn how to play soccer, speak Spanish and enjoy other facets of the Hispanic culture.

The week-long summer camp, which is from June 6 - 10, will be aimed primarily toward children aged 4-10 years old. Studies have shown that young children are better able to master a foreign language.

“They process the information in a different part of the brain before the age of 12,” Langston said. “They are better at mimicking sounds.”

Campers will be given a soccer lesson every day by Mayra Ortiz, a bilingual student at . While students learn the basic fundamentals of the sport, which is such a huge part of the Hispanic culture, they will be taught the proper Spanish names and vocabulary.

Traditional Spanish songs and dances will be learned by the children, including the Mexican Hat Dance and the Macarena. Crafts that focus on Hispanic culture will be created by campers and authentic Hispanic snacks will also be offered every day. All the while, students will be learning Spanish in context of the activities.

The last day of camp holds a special treat for the children – they will take part in a Mexican Fiesta, complete with a piñata, Mexican appetizers that the children will have pre-ordered from camp counselors and Latin music. The students will perform the songs they have learned and will dance for their parents.

“The cost for the camp is all-inclusive,” said Langston. “We will provide everything needed for snacks and crafts.”

Langston also said that she will offer discounts for families with multiple children. The campus of Loganville Christian Academy will be used, due to the availability of the soccer field.

Langston has lived in both Costa Rica and Spain while gaining her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Her educational program, ¡Uno Dos Tres!, is used by both Youth Elementary School and Loganville Christian Academy, as well as 50 other schools across the Metro Atlanta area. The program uses dynamic video presentations to make learning fun for the students.

Langston also provides instruction for church groups who plan to travel to Hispanic-speaking countries for mission trips.

For more information, or to sign your child up for camp, visit www.handsonspanish.com.


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