Individual School CRCT Results for Gwinnett County Schools.

Individual School results were released this week for the 2010-11 Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests for grades 3-8.

The state Department of Education released the individual school results of the 2010-11 Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests Wednesday for grades 3-8.

Students took the state-mandated tests in April with about 12,000 students in each grade level from Gwinnett County, the state’s largest school system, taking the tests.

Gwinnett County officials reported that the county’s public school systems beat state averages across the board with mean scores in all content areas Reading, English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies above state averages at all grade levels.

Gwinnett County

Third grade:


District: 93.9 percent met or exceeded standards, 45.8 percent exceeded;  89.0 met or exceeded, 31.0 exceeded, 94.6 met or exceeded, 53.1 exceeded

English/Language Arts,

District: 93.5 met or exceeded, 44.0 exceeded; RES 91.0 met or exceeded, 33 exceeded; GES 95.4 met or exceeded, 46.9 exceeded


District: 86.7 met or exceeded, 49.4 exceeded; RES 82.9 met or exceeded, 32.9 exceeded; GES 90.0 met or exceeded, 57.7 exceeded


District: 86.8 met or exceeded, 45.5 exceeded; RES 82.0 met or exceeded, 36.7 exceeded GES 86.6 met or exceeded, 50.7 exceeded

Social Studies,

District 88.3 met or exceeded, 35.2 exceeded; RES 86.0 met or exceeded, 28.7 exceeded, GES 89.6 met or exceeded, 40.3 exceeded.

Fifth grade:


District 94.0 percent met or exceeded, 40.9 percent exceeded; RES 91.7 met or exceeded, 37.3 exceeded; GES 95.8 met or exceeded 53.5 exceeded

English/Language Arts,

District: 96.6 met or exceeded, 43.4 exceeded; RES 95.8 met or exceeded, 47.0 exceeded, GES 95.1 met or exceeded 50.7 exceeded.


District: 93.3 met or exceeded, 53.5 exceeded; RES 93.9 met or exceeded, 46.1 exceeded; GES 96.4 met or exceeded, 47.1 exceeded


District 86.0 met or exceeded, 49.0 exceeded; RES 89.3 met or exceeded, 49.1 exceeded, GES 89.3 met or exceeded, 58.7 exceeded

Social Studies

District: 82.1 met or exceeded, 33.2 exceeded, RES 88.2 met or exceeded, 38.5 exceeded, GES, 85.3 met or exceeded, 38.7 exceeded.

Eighth grade


District: 97.2 percent met or exceeded, 45.2 percent exceeded; 99.1 met or exceeded, 54.1 exceeded,

English/Language Arts,

District: 95.4 met or exceeded, 51.7 exceeded; MMS 97.0 met or exceeded, 60.4 exceeded.


District: 85.3 met or exceeded, 38.2 exceeded; MMS 84.8 met or exceeded, 34.8 exceeded.

Science, 78.9 met or exceeded, 29.8 exceeded; MMS 78.7 met or exceeded, 31.6 exceeded.

Social Studies,

District: 81.3 met or exceeded, 40.5 exceeded, MMS 88.1 met or exceeded, 44.7 exceeded.

Results for all the schools and system levels in grades three, four, five, six, seven and eight can be found here.

lesliebogan July 10, 2011 at 08:22 AM
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Susan July 10, 2011 at 05:47 PM
I"m glad to see the strict standards Gwinnett has when CRCT testing is going on in our schools. Something some of our Atlanta schools could use. We are still hanging in at a good average. My daughter just took her ACT and SAT's, she will be a Senior at South Gwinnett HS-she did great!
Robert Bliss July 11, 2011 at 03:56 PM
Students in Gwinnett are doing well on CRCT test. And, we all feel good...right? We should, since that is all they are being taught to do. This is evidenced by the amount of education that takes place in the classroom after the CRCT test have been completed. The last weeks of school after the tests have been administered is treated as party time, reward time, or simply what can we do today to get our required number of school days out of the way. How about retention of what they are learned or what they will need to know when entering the real world? How many will be able to balance a checkbook when they leave HS or make change without a cash register doing the math for them? Will they be able to read a map when their GPS is out of order? Will they be able to spell without the aid of a computer or if using the computer being able to use the correct word usage? Is this what "No student left behind" is producing for students going forward?


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