Gwinnett Teachers of the Year Named

The 131 named as the local teachers of the year move onto the next step in the Gwinnett County Public Schools Teacher of the Year process.

Note: The following was reported in a press release from Gwinnett County Public Schools. The teachers from Loganville and Grayson are highlighted.

Gwinnett County Public Schools released the names of the Local Teachers of the Year from its 131 schools in the system.

All will be considered for the system's annual TOTY award, to be announced in November. This list will be narrowed down to 25 later this month, then to the six finalists in October.

2013 Local School Teachers of the Year

Alcova Elementary: KaKeshia Maloney, 4th Grade Teacher.
Alford Elementary: Lindsey Reddy, 4th Grade Teacher.
Anderson-Livsey Elementary: Amber Russell, Gifted Education Teacher (Grades K-5).
Annistown Elementary: Dale Grant, Health and Physical Education Teacher (Grades K-5).
Arcado Elementary: Rachel Bell, 1st Grade Teacher.
Archer High: Jennifer Callaway, Social Studies Teacher (Grade 9).
Bay Creek Middle: Collette Tucker, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 6).
Beaver Ridge Elementary: Tracy Pelinsky, 4th Grade Teacher.
Benefield Elementary: Patricia Auten, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Berkeley Lake Elementary: Dr. Candy Steventon, Special Education Teacher - Learning Disabilities (Grade 5).
Berkmar High: Lindsay Watson, Language Arts Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Berkmar Middle: Deborah Johnson, Mathematics Teacher (Grade 9).
Bethesda Elementary: Lyndsey Klempay, Mathematics Specialist (Grades K-5).
Britt Elementary: Pam Zuber, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Brookwood Elementary: Debbie Taylor, Mathematics Teacher (Grade 5).
Brookwood High: Laura Stanley, Band Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Buice School: Heather Cannon, Special Education Teacher - Early Childhood Program.
Burnette Elementary: Tracie Titshaw Penn, Kindergarten Teacher.
Camp Creek Elementary: Ginger Whitley, Special Education Teacher - Significant Developmental Delays (Grade 1).
Cedar Hill Elementary: Julie Asztalos, 4th Grade Teacher.
Centerville Elementary: John Warhol, Physical Education Teacher (Grades K-5)
Central Gwinnett High: Jennifer Ulbrich, World History Teacher (Grade 10).
Chattahoochee Elementary: Anne-Lise Botting, Special Education Teacher - Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (Grades K-2).
Chesney Elementary: Sarah Boyce, Special Education Teacher - Interrelated Resource (Grades K-5).
Collins Hill High: Dr. Dora Bell, Mathematics Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Cooper Elementary: Bridgett Brown, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Corley Elementary: Michelle Bellamy, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Couch Middle: Christy Stephenson, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 8).
Craig Elementary: Pamela Nunn, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Creekland Middle: Megan Nagel, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 6).
Crews Middle: Eleanor Ridley, Social Studies Teacher (Grade 6).
Dacula Elementary: Kim Sutton, Kindergarten Teacher.
Dacula High: Abby Peterson, Family and Consumer Science Teacher - Food Nutrition (Grades 9-12).
Dacula Middle: Celisa Edwards, 7th Grade Teacher.
Duluth High: Erica Millette, Mathematics Teacher (Grade 9).
Duluth Middle: Erica Parkman, Science Teacher (Grade 8).
Duncan Creek Elementary: Cynthia Gomez, Special Education Teacher - Interrelated Resource (Grades 3 and 5).
Dyer Elementary: Ellen Hill, 5th Grade Teacher.
Ferguson Elementary: Elise Moore, Kindergarten Teacher.
Five Forks Middle: Dr. John Culligan, Gifted Social Studies Teacher (Grade 8).
Fort Daniel Elementary: Laura, D., Williams, Special Education Teacher - Autism Resource (Grades K-5).
Freeman’s Mill Elementary: Suzanne Keller, 4th Grade Teacher.
GIVE Center East: LaNadia Pugh, Science Teacher (Grade 9-12).
GIVE Center West: Charles Hawk, Science Teacher (Grades 6-8).
Grace Snell Middle: Jane McCormick, Mathematics Teacher (Grade 6).
Grayson Elementary: Le Gibson, Music Teacher (Grades K-5).
Grayson High: Dr. Chris Blair, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 9).
Gwin Oaks Elementary: Michelle Webb, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Gwinnett County Online Campus - High School: Kristin Sokol, Mathematics Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Gwinnett County Online Campus - Middle School: Jennifer Cote, Health and Physical Education Teacher (Grades 6-8).
Gwinnett School of Science, Mathematics, and Technology: Rachel Buzzerd, Spanish Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Harbins Elementary: Sharon Mauney, 1st Grade Teacher.
Harmony Elementary: Jill McKee, Special Education Teacher - Moderate Intellectual Disabilities (Grades 2-5).
Harris Elementary: Tracy Evans, Science Teacher (Grades K-5).
Head Elementary: Lindsay Kyle, Speech Language Pathologist (Grades Pre-K-5).
Hopkins Elementary: Megan Carney, Special Education Teacher - Interrelated Resource (Grades 1 and 2).
Hull Middle: Shenee Holloway, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 8).
Ivy Creek Elementary: Dr. Patricia Baxter, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Jackson Elementary: Brittany Spence, Special Education Teacher - Interrelated Resource (Grades K-5).
Jenkins Elementary: Kristel Green, 5th Grade Teacher.
Jones Middle: Ashley Saye, Special Education Teacher - Moderate Intellectual Disabilities - Science (Grades 6-8).
Kanoheda Elementary: Claudia Davila, 2nd Grade Teacher.
Knight Elementary: Gretchen Stelten, Art Teacher (Grades K-5).
Lanier High: Naomi Kirchner, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 10).
Lanier Middle: Kinsey Edwards, Orchestra Teacher (Grades 6-8).
Lawrenceville Elementary: Cheri Loy, Special Education and Reading Recovery Teacher (Grades K-5).
Level Creek Elementary: Katie Turner, 4th Grade Teacher.
Lilburn Elementary: Noreen Freeman, 5th Grade Teacher.
Lilburn Middle: Eric Sas, English to Speakers of Other Languages Teacher.
Lovin Elementary: Amy, B., Lazic, Special Education Teacher (Pre-K).
Magill Elementary: Cynthia Blue, Mathematics Teacher (Grades K-5).
Mason Elementary: Genie Quinn, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Maxwell High School of Technology: Debbie Grant, Culinary Arts Teacher (Grades 9-12).
McConnell Middle: Monica Maragh, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 7).
McKendree Elementary: Paul Lovett, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Meadowcreek Elementary: Jennifer Kim, Early Intervention Program Support Teacher (Grade 5).
Meadowcreek High: Marieta Hamilton, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 10).
Mill Creek High: Mike Lasseter, Visual Arts Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Minor Elementary: Charlotte Taylor, 1st Grade Teacher.
Monarch School: Beth Albright, Early Childhood Program Teacher (Pre-K).
Moore Middle: Chasiree Stone, Mathematics Teacher (Grade 6).
Mountain Park Elementary: Katie Malone, 1st Grade Teacher.
Mountain View High: Steve White, Social Studies Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Mulberry Elementary: Kym Crosby, Art Teacher (Grades K-5).
Nesbit Elementary: Tanya Saucier, Science Specialist (Grades K-5).
Norcross Elementary: Jackie Petree, Science Instructional Coach (Grades K-5).
Norcross High: James Nebel, World History Teacher (Grade 10).
North Gwinnett High: McCall Grosso, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 10).
North Gwinnett Middle: Ashley Rihner, Special Education Teacher - Severe and Profound Intellectual Disabilities (Grades 6-8).
Norton Elementary: Mary Ann Zudekoff, Special Education Teacher - Interrelated Resource (Grade 5).
Oakland Meadow: Dr. Sue LaFave, Vision Impairment Teacher (Pre-K-Age 22).
Osborne Middle: Heather Brent, Social Studies Teacher (Grade 7).
Parkview High: Eric M. Brown, Social Studies Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Parsons Elementary: Sue French, 4th Grade Teacher.
Partee Elementary: Erin Breland, Music Teacher (Grades K-5).
Patrick Elementary: Donita McClelland, 2nd Grade Teacher.
Peachtree Elementary: Dorothy Swindle, Local School Technology Coordinator.
Peachtree Ridge High: Dean Landers, Physics Teacher (Grades 11 and 12).
Pharr Elementary: Darika Stevens, Art Teacher (Grades K-5).
Phoenix High: William McKenzie, Mathematics Teacher (Grades 9-12).
Pinckneyville Middle: Roland Ventura, Band Teacher (Grades 6-8).
Puckett’s Mill Elementary: Mallory Brock, Music Teacher (Grades K-5).
Radloff Middle: Mauri Bolden, Special Education Teacher - Severe Autism (Grades 6-8).
Richards Middle: Heidi Mikulecky, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 6).
Riverside Elementary: Lynne Franks, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Roberts Elementary: Peggy Vanover, Special Education Teacher - Moderate Autism (Grades K-2).
Rock Springs Elementary: Margaret Byrne, Kindergarten Teacher.
Rockbridge Elementary: Kimberly Farmer, Mathematics Coach (Grades K-5).
Rosebud Elementary: Carol Bowman, Art Teacher (Grades K-5).
Shiloh Elementary: Autumn Ginn, Music Teacher (Grades K-5).
Shiloh High: Nancy Chrisman, Special Education Teacher - Mild Intellectual Disabilities (Grades 9-12).
Shiloh Middle: Roya Sadri, English to Speakers of Other Languages Teacher - Language Arts (Grades 6-8).
Simonton Elementary: Phoebe Jones, 5th Grade Teacher.
Simpson Elementary: Jose J. Rivera, Spanish Teacher (Grades K-5).
Snellville Middle: Heather Switzer, Science Teacher (Grade 6).
South Gwinnett High: Andie McDaniel, Special Education Teacher - Mild Intellectual Disabilities (Grades 9-12).
Starling Elementary: Jessica Douglas, Science and Social Studies Teacher (Grade 5).
Stripling Elementary: Nikole Akande, 5th Grade Teacher.
Sugar Hill Elementary: Dr. Crystal Langley, 2nd Grade Teacher.
Summerour Middle: Casey Pete, Mathematics Teacher (Grade 7).
Suwanee Elementary: Patti Barry, Special Education Teacher - Interrelated Resource (Grades K-5).
Sweetwater Middle: Anthony Cafarella, Social Studies Teacher (Grade 7).
Sycamore Elementary: Emily Acevedo, 1st Grade Teacher.
Taylor Elementary: Pam Wiggins, Mathematics Teacher (Grades 3 and 4).
Trickum Middle: Michelle Bushell, Language Arts Teacher (Grade 6).
Trip Elementary: Nicole Esswein, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies Teacher (Grade 5).
Twin Rivers Middle: Dr. Nelly Knowles, Mathematics Teacher (Grade 6).
Walnut Grove Elementary: Erica Leach, Mathematics Specialist (Grades K-5).
White Oak Elementary: Matt Smith, 4th Grade Teacher.
Winn Holt Elementary: Erin Hogan, 1st Grade Teacher.
Woodward Mill Elementary: Petra Hammond, Mathematics Teacher (Grades K-5).

kerion butler September 28, 2012 at 12:21 AM
i love u mr.lovett by the way people who dont know me i used to be is h his 3rd grade class well make tht math class i wasnt like in homeroom or anything but i used to wish i was i mean his class always having pizza partis and stuff but y teaher was really good to by the way i had mr.zarter but he moved so i miss u mr.z and i love u u were the best like ever and people wjo are reading this a 10year old wrote this with out even looking itt the screen so just want to put that ou there by the way so any way love u guys god bless u and hope u have a wonderful day ow and please tell me where i can find a online science book i need to do my home work its due in a year jk:) so any way yah so i love u bye
kerion butler September 28, 2012 at 12:22 AM
and by the way dont get freaked out just cause i said i love u everyboduy on this earth is family


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