Four Local Gwinnett Schools don't make AYP

An elementary and middle school in the Grayson cluster and a middle and high school in the South Gwinnett cluster fell short of AYP in a limited number of areas for the 2010/2011 year.

Although standards to meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) were higher this year, not all the Gwinnett County schools in the local district managed to meet all those requirements. However, all the schools that were required to meet AYP in the Grayson cluster to avoid any action managed to do so. AYP is the requirement under the No Child Left Behind legislation for schools to show annual improvement in specific areas toward federal goals.

According to a press release from Gwinnett County Public Schools, 102 Gwinnett schools met AYP in the 2010/2011 school year and 25 did not. Those schools that did not meet AYP include five at the elementary school level, 11 middle schools and nine high schools.

The following local schools did not make AYP this year.

In the Archer Cluster:

  • in Reading/English Language Arts for Students With Disabilities
  • in Mathematics for Students With Disabilities

In the South Gwinnett Cluster:

  • in Mathematics and Reading/English Language for Students with Disabilities
  • in Graduation Rate for all students.

At this point, however, no action is required in any of these instances and school officials point out these results could change after graduations from summer school and summer retesting. Officials also point out that, according to information released by the Georgia Department of Education, Gwinnett schools continue to make progress under No Child Left Behind as evidenced by the state’s AYP listing of Georgia schools.

Gwinnett County Public Schools CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks said he was pleased with the results, but noted it couldn’t be ignored that more Gwinnett schools did not meet the state’s standards this year.

“We realize that the standards for making AYP continue to increase and as a district we are committed to raising student achievement and meeting those standards,” Wilbanks said in a press release. “While we are pleased that the vast majority of our schools made AYP, we cannot overlook the fact that we did see an increase in schools not meeting the state’s standard. Specifically, we need to look at achievement at the middle and high school levels, focusing on increasing achievement for individual students and subgroups of students who are struggling to meet the higher standards.”

Wilbanks noted, however, that students in the GCPS system are achieving at higher levels than before. 

Archer High School has been designated as a transfer high school, but no schools in the Loganville or Grayson area require allowing students to transfer because of AYP results.

Note: The original story has been changed to reflect that Cooper Elementary School and McConnell Middle School are in the Archer Cluster and not the Grayson Cluster as was originally stated.

Lori Chambers Hayes July 25, 2011 at 04:09 PM
Cooper and McConnell are not a part of the Grayson district, they are a part of the Archer District. They do not feed into GHS.
Sharon Swanepoel July 25, 2011 at 04:53 PM
You're right, thanks for the correction. They are in the Grayson area as far as students in attendance but now fall into the Archer Cluster.
Lori Chambers Hayes July 25, 2011 at 05:38 PM
Thanks for correcting it!


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