Who's on the Ballot in Gwinnett County?

Here's a list of all the possible contested races in Gwinnett County on Election Day, Nov. 6

Here's a look at all the possible contested races Gwinnett County voters are considering for the Nov. 6 election. Races with candidates running unopposed are not included.

For a consolidated sample ballot including all Gwinnett races, see the attached pdf file.

Contested Gwinnett County Election Races

President of the United States

  • Barack Obama (Joe Biden, Vice President), Democrat (Incumbent)
  • Mitt Romney (Paul Ryan, Vice President), Republican
  • Gary Johnson (James P. Gray, Vice President), Libertarian

Public Service Commissioner

  • Chuck Eaton, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Stephen Oppenheimer, Democrat
  • Brad Ploeger, Libertarian

Public Service Commissioner

  • Stan Wise, Republican (Incumbent)
  • David Staples, Libertarian

U.S. House, 4th District

  • Hank Johnson, Democrat (Incumbent)
  • J. Chris Vaughn, Republican 

U.S. House, 7th District

  • Rob Woodall, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Steve Reilly, Democrat

State Senate, 9th District

  • Don Balfour, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Scott Drake, Democrat

State House, 81st District

  • Scott Holcomb, Democrat (Incumbent)
  • Chris Boedeker, Republican

State House, 93rd District

  • Dar’Shun Kendrick, Democrat (Incumbent)
  • Cristine Hoffer, Republican

State House,  95th District

  • Tom Rice, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Brooke Siskin, Democrat

State House, 96th District

  • Pete Marin, Democrat (Incumbent)
  • Mark Williams, Republican

State House, 101st District

  • Valerie Clark, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Timothy Swiney, Democrat

State House, 105th District

(no incumbent)

  • Joyce Chandler, Republican
  • Renita Hamilton, Democrat

Gwinnett County

Clerk of Superior Courts

  • Richard Alexander, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Brian Whiteside, Democrat

Board of Education, District 1

  • Carole Boyce, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Jennah Es-Sudan, Democrat

Board of Education, District 3

  • Mary Kay Murphy, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Jen Falk, Democrat

Board of Education, District 5

  • Louise Radloff, Democrat (Incumbent)
  • H.K. Dido, Republican

Consitutional Amendments

  1. “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow state or local approval of public charter schools upon request of local communities?”
  2. “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide for a reduction in the state’s operating costs by allowing the General Assembly to authorize certain state agencies to enter into multiyear rental agreements?”

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