Who Deserves Your Vote for Walton County BOC Chairman?

Former Walton County District 5 Commissioner Gerald Atha is challenging Incumbent Chairman Kevin Little for the Walton County BOC chairmanship.

In a surprise , fellow Walton County Board of Commission member Gerald Atha threw his hat into the ring, mounting a challenge to BOC Chairman Kevin Little for his seat. Atha had to resign his District 5 seat on the BOC in order to do so, leaving it open for an appointment to be made.

The election season is now well under way and Atha and Little are both making their case to Walton County residents.

Kevin Little

Little has been married to his wife, Wendy, for 20 years. They have four children and the family belongs to Union Chapel Methodist Church. Little has a degree in Public Administration and Politic Science,

On his website, Little lists the following accomplishments during his time on the BOC.

  • Has worked tirelessly for Walton County’s positive image throughout the community, region and state.
  • State leaders have trusted him and Walton County with millions of dollars of economic development investment.

  • All SPLOST projects have been delivered as promised - ON TIME and ON BUDGET.
  • Currently serves as 2nd Vice President of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG). If reelected, Little will serve as the 2014 president of this organization.
  • Work industry recruitment and expanion is at an all-time high – worked with state economic developers and other area leaders to bring Baxter International’s $1 Billion investment and 1,500 jobs to Walton County.
  • Over the past decade, helped secure General Mills ($43 million, 160 jobs), Solo Cup ($28 million, 125 jobs), Tucker Door ($10 million, 150 jobs), Minerva Beauty ($7 million, 50 jobs) and more.
  • Walton County is a “Work Ready Certified Community” and with support from City of Monroe, received “Camera Ready” status.
  • Built key relationships with local and state leaders
  • Provided quality services to the citizens of Walton County while keeping a stable tax base. 
  • Established the comprehensive land use plan for Walton County to put like items together in a way that makes sense for our future. 
  • Working to secure water for current and future residents through the Hard Labor Creek Reservoir. 
  • Through SPLOST, Walton County has built a government building, fire headquarters and drivers license facility at Between, state-of-the art animal control center and state patrol post. SPLOST funds have upgraded our 911 system, expanded the jail, built parks and paved roads.

More information can be found on Little's website.

Gerald Atha

According to his website, Atha has been married to his wife, Cindy, for 35 years. They have four children, 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. In his spare time Atha is a car enthusiast. A native of Walton County, Atha has been a self-employed businessman for the past 40 years. The businesses he has owned included a motel, service station and a recreation parlor. He reportedly introduced the first mini warehouses to Walton County and in addition to his commercial real estate interests, the past 20 years have been devoted to contracting custom homes and commercial buildings. He is a member of Center Hill Baptist Church, the Walton County Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club. Atha is a graduate of Monroe Area High School, and studied business administration and accounting at DeKalb College and the University of Georgia.

Atha gives the following information in support of his run for chairman of Walton County BOC.

  • 35 Years of Business Experience
  • 14 Years as District 5 Commissioner
  • Assisted in getting SPLOST approved – These funds helped improve roads and bridges, increased number of fire stations and added recreational facilities for youth and seniors, while staying on budget.

If elected Chairman Atha promises to continue work on:

  • Rebuilding the county’s general fund
  • Pursuing new methods to generate revenue
  • Work in conjunction with local representatives to obtain state money available to Walton County
  • Develop a capital improvement plan    
  • Improve infrastructure needed to attract industry
  • Create an environment favorable to economic development and job creation.

More information on Atha can be found on his website.

Take our poll: Who do you believe deserves your vote for Walton County Board of Commission Chairman?

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Skip R. Seabolt July 06, 2012 at 04:56 AM
In what way does Gerald Atha "deserve" your vote for chairman? He lacks formal education for the position and his "promises if he get's elected" are things Little has already done for the past 12 years. Come on folks!
Bruce Ford July 26, 2012 at 10:57 AM
Acorrding to Mr. Atha his quote was he would work to "Rebuild the county's general fund" Would this be done by raising taxes??


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