Walmart Employs More People In Loganville Area Than Any Other Business

Store has more than double the number of employees on the books than any other private business in the area.

With regard to providing the most jobs in Loganville, has everyone else beat by a long shot.

A list of employers compiled by Georgia Power’s Community and Economic Development division puts Walmart at the top of the list with 350 employees, more than double No. 2 on the list, which is at 135. Tomco Equipment comes in third on the list with 132 employees.

“When we go out looking for ways to attract people to come to the city to do business, we find they already know everything about what we have to offer through studies like this,” said Councilman Wendell Geiger as guest speaker at the June Triad meeting.

Geiger shared some information on the city’s plans to try and attract more business to the area. He spoke about the Business Advisory Committee the mayor had formed and said he hoped their efforts would produce results, especially as the economy improves.

“Our population has doubled in the last 10 years and we don’t want to wait to get on somebody’s list,” Geiger said, hinting the city might already be on somebody’s list and looking to bring some encouraging business development to the area in the near future. “What we can do is go out and let (potential business developers) know what we have to offer.”

Geiger said studies, like the one conducted by Georgia Power, revealed the city is best suited for residential and commercial development, with some light industrial. He said most entities looking at Loganville as a potential location for business development had already done extensive studies on the area and know more about growth, consumer and education statistics relating to Loganville than city officials themselves know.

Geiger said the city is currently researching ways to attract new business to the area to get ahead of a potential improvement in the economy.

“We are looking at seeing what we can offer in the form of tax incentives or stormwater fees,” Geiger said. “We have people looking at the legal issues involved. It’s possible we can do something with stormwater fees. We’re seeing if we can find any wiggle room.”

Geiger said the stormwater fees, which are state mandated, are a sticking point for some looking to relocate to Georgia for business purposes. He said he had one potential developer tell him it was less expensive to plant grass, which incurs high maintenance costs, than to have a paved surface that would incur stormwater fees.

Geiger stressed, however, that nothing is likely to happen until the economy changes and "someone with deep pockets" comes in.

A full list of Loganville's top employers can be found in the accompanying images.


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