The Voice of the City: Loganville Mayor Ray Nunley

In response to three questions, which will routinely be asked of city officials, here is what Loganville Mayor Ray Nunley had to say.

Officials in Loganville and Grayson will be asked to respond to three questions from time to time. This will give residents the opportunity to find out a little more about what is going on in the city - and to get to know their public officials a little better.

Here is what Loganville Mayor Ray Nunley had to say.

Question 1 - What is new in your department?

We have just purchased the ATT building and the old and we intend to turn that area into a gathering place for our citizens. We plan to have events there during the year. We've always wished that we had a focal point for the city and this will be our focal point. Hopefully it will generate more activities and hopefully other people will follow our lead. This is something we have needed for a long time. We hope to have it ready by July 4th. We will have somewhere to meet for whatever activities we plan for the city.

Question 2 - What is something residents in the City of Loganville should know?

To be careful in the vicinity of the old Catfish College and to avoid that area during construction. We have already started tearing down the old ATT building and after that we will be moving onto the old Catfish College. We've tried to block it off, but we do want people to avoid it as much as possible and to be aware of the construction going on there.

Question 3 - What is your favorite way to relax?

Doing nothing really - well, and watching Judge Judy. I watch Judge Judy every chance I get.



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