Several Lanes on I-85 North at 316 Closed Due to Wreck

GDOT reports a tractor-trailer overturned damaging asphalt. Repairs have to be complete before road can be reopened.

Georgia Department of Transportation report that four of the five northbound lanes of I-85 at 316 are closed. Only one lane is open. In a press release, GDOT officials said a tractor-trailer overturned and lost its load of prefabricated concrete walls. Crews are on site removing the wrecked vehicle and its cargo. They hope to have three lanes open by noon. A 160-feet stretch of asphalt about 12-foot wide has to be removed and replaced before it can be opened for use.

GDOT officials ask that motorists be wary of workers. Fifty-seven Georgia DOT personnel and many other motorists, passengers and contractor workers have been killed since 1973 in highway work zone accidents.

"Please help us prevent these tragedies by slowing down; being especially attentive and cautious as you pass through construction work zones; and always driving responsibly," the release reads. 

For information on the Department of Transportation, visit www.dot.ga.gov


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