Required Signatures in Loganville Verified for Package Store Referendum

City officials in Loganville confirm that the required number of signatures have been verified for a referendum on the November ballot requesting a package store in the city.

City officials have confirmed that enough of the signatures on a petition have been verified to call for a requesting a package store in the city.

"I don't have all the numbers yet, but do have confirmation from both Gwinnett and Walton County that there are enough for the referendum," said Kristi Ash Elections Supervisor for the City of Loganville. 

Jamie Dempsey, representing , had coordinate the petition drive to collect signatures over the summer and turned in more than the required number to call for a referendum. It takes 35 percent of registered voters in a particular municipality for a petition to qualify to get on the ballot. That is more than double the number of people who usually vote in Loganville. According to Dempsey, there are 5,155 registered voters in Loganville in Walton County and 1,392 in Gwinnett.

Although the person behind Loganville Citizens for Choice is not known at this time, it is possible the city could get into much the same situation as the In that case, one person had been behind the petition drive, but it was another applicant who was successful in qualifying for the one license issued by the city for a package store. is currently on track to open in Grayson by November. Loganville Mayor Ray Nunley said about 10 potential applicants had already enquired about a Loganville package store should the referendum pass.

Another situation that has now been revealed in Grayson is with Sunday package sales. Although Sunday package sales of beer and wine also were successful in a referendum in Grayson and are now in operation, that didn't include Sunday sales of distilled spirits. Another referendum has now been approved calling for Sunday package sales, this time to include beer, wine and distilled spirits. If it fails, however, it will repeal the one approved last year allowing for package sales of beer and wine on a Sunday. If that happens, Kroger and the convenience stores that have been selling beer and wine on a Sunday will no longer be able to.

It is likely Loganville will be in the same position. Ash confirmed that the referendum approved last year in Loganville also was only for package sales of beer and wine. It did not include the Sunday package sale of distilled spirits. Without Loganville also is and risking all Sunday package sales being repealed, a package store will not be allowed to sell distilled spirits on a Sunday if it chooses to remain open seven days a week.


Susan August 30, 2012 at 02:50 PM
This is great for the tax base of our area during a down turned economy. Great idea, hope they vote for Sunday sales too. Having been a Kroger manager it is a real hassle on Sundays blocking off the beer and wine aisles and explaning why to out of area customers every Sunday. Let make sales an equal opportunity American right on any day.
Larry Reid August 30, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Susan, are you the one always outside smoking when I come in there? You guys need to take that nasty habit out back. I disagree with this idea of liquor by the mile. The more access to alcohol, the more drunks we have. Some of those drunks get started in the car. We have a McDonald's every 5 miles and look how fat people are. Some of those fat people get started in the parking lot.


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