Only Two Qualify for Grayson City Council Posts

There is no need for a campaign for a seat on the Grayson City Council in November since only two people qualified for the two seats up for grabs.

At the close of qualifying on Wednesday, for the two seats up for grabs on the Grayson City Council.

According to City Administrator Laura Paul-Cone, qualified unopposed for Post 3, the seat she had been appointed to when former Grayson Councilman David Schroder moved out of the city. She will now serve a full two-year term, starting in January 2013. James Gillespie qualified unopposed for Post 1, the seat that will be vacant at the end of the year when current Councilman Marc Gordon steps down.

"The names have to appear on the ballot because of the , but there is no "'race,'" Paul-Cone said.

The referendum that will be on the November ballot assk voters to approve the Sunday package sales of beer, wine and malt beverages as well as distilled spirits. Sunday package sales of beer, wine and malt beverages in Grayson was passed in a referendum last year, but that didn't include Sunday sales of distilled spirits. With the package store set to open in November, another referendum has now been approved calling for Sunday package sales, this time to include beer, wine and malt beverages and distilled spirits. If it fails, however, it will repeal the one approved last year allowing for package sales of beer, wine and malt beverages on a Sunday. If that happens, Kroger and the convenience stores that have been selling beer and wine on a Sunday will no longer be able to.


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