New Secure Driver's Licenses and ID's To Begin July 1

Additional documents for identification will be required to renew and for first issues.

The Federal Real ID Act of 2005 adopted recommendations of the 911 Commission which prohibits the federal government from accepting driver license or ID's issued by on-compliant states to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building. Georgia's requirements to come into compliance begin on July 1, 2012 when the DDS will begin issuing the new Secure ID ... to those with the correct documentation.

Whether you are seeking a new license or ID in Georgia or renewing or replacing an existing license or ID, you'll need to bring a few more pieces of documentation to DDS when you come. The licenses will not be available immediately as in the past; our experience recently during an address change was that we received a paper license and we received our permanent license just a couple of days later.

These documents will include the following:

  • At least one (1) document to prove your Primary Identity, and
  • At least one (1) document to prove your Social Security Number, and
  • At least two (2) documents to prove your Residential Address.

When you apply, you must bring original or certified documents that prove your identity, social security number and residential address.

If you have questions, the DDS has created a checklist wizard to help you as well as providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions on their website. 

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