Meet Your Candidates: Loganville City Council

Newcomer Skip Baliles is seeking a first term on the Loganville City Council.

Name:      Skip Baliles

Age:         64

Career:     Retired businessman

Political experience:        First attempt to seek political office.

If elected to one of the three at-large Loganville City Council seats up for grabs in November, Skip Baliles would hold public office for the first time. He believes this would actually be a benefit.

“Instead of talking about why something cannot be achieved, I look forward to searching out those ways allowing things to get done,” Baliles said, adding he is choosing to enter the political arena now out of a desire to give back to his community – a desire that has always been with him. “Over the years of a retail career I have addressed this personal need by being involved in Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Relays for Life and the Red Cross.”

Baliles said prior to his retirement, his work in retail took him all over the country, something that did not lend itself to serving in public office. However, he believes the experience he garnered during that career is something that would be of benefit now should he be elected.

“During this time, I have gained insight into Human Resources, Operations, Regional Automotive (Miami-Puerto Rico) and Store Management,” Baliles said. “Always with a desire to give back and use my experience to serve my community - now the time is right to offer my services to Loganville.” 

Baliles said he sees a need for additional local businesses, a need for some type of manufacturing investment and more restaurants for citizens to enjoy. 

“This would bring more jobs, a larger group to share our tax burden and a better place for all of us to live, work and play,” he said.

Baliles said he does understand the position of many citizens wanting to keep Loganville small and not change things. However, he believes planned and well thought out additions would be worthwhile.

“As in the retail business, no community can just stand still. We are either moving ahead or we're getting further and further behind the other communities (competition) who are moving ahead and attracting desirable additions,” Baliles said.

Already with the catchy slogan of “Give a FLIP, vote for SKP,” Baliles began his campaign several months before officially qualifying in August.

He and his wife, Gerry, have three children, two who live in Loganville and one in Snellville, and two grandchildren. 


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