Loganville Sidewalk to Nowhere Now Going Somewhere

Before construction of sidewalk on the other side of Tommy Lee Fuller Road began this week, residents were a little perplexed by a sidewalk and stop signs that appeared in the middle of Tommy Lee Fuller Road.

Loganville has been actively installing sidewalks in areas around the city in keeping with initial requests from residents and proposals that came out of the Livable Centers Initiative that was conducted a few years ago. Money from the Special Local Option Sales Tax was appropriated for the sidewalks and many of them have already been constructed. Included in these upgrades were road improvements to Tommy Lee Fuller Road and the combination of the two recently caused some confusion for local residents.

When first constructed, the crosswalk appeared to go nowhere, resulting in it being branded "the crosswalk to nowhere." In addition, there was little more than one car length between that and another stop sign.

"I'm just as confused why one has been put in at all on that road. ...but then they moved it there??? Talk about completely random and stupid. Can't wait to hear the reasoning behind it all," someone commented on Facebook.

When the forming for the other side went in on Thursday, it did however make a little more sense. According to city officials, they had no choice - it was required by state law.

"When you make alterations or undertake construction on any road, as we did with Tommy Lee Fuller, you have no choice but to bring it up to code," Councilman Skip Baliles said. "Which is what we did. We have, however, now moved the other stop sign that didn't make any sense."

The crosswalk now no longer appears to go nowhere - it gives people walking on the sidewalk a place to cross the road and pick up the sidewalk on the other side. Another commenter on Facebook did see the merit in this.

"Kids who walk to school cross there every day twice a day. I personally am so glad that they finally put up a stop sign there. It will slow people down and hopefully save a life or two," she commented.

Some other traffic news updates around the city, however, were not so good. Officials announced at Thursday's City Council meeting that despite a request and a study, the Georgia Department of Transportation declined a traffic light at the intersection of Huntington Ridge and Highway 20 south.

"We will keep trying to find a solution though," Baliles said. "But for right now they have declined that traffic light."

Jeff January 13, 2013 at 03:45 PM
I always turn right then left on C S Floyd if I need to circle back. Faster sometimes than waiting at Publix to turn left.
Robert Bliss January 13, 2013 at 10:40 PM
How did we get from a conversation about stop signs on TLF Road to stop lights on Hwy 20 & Hwy 81? If the City of Loganville is truly concerned over the safety of pedestrians on TLF Road, they need to put s street crossing just West of Alexander Crossing Apartment Homes onto the back entrance to the Ingles Shopping Center road. This is the only place where I have ever seen any pedestrian traffic of any volume trying to get across TLF Road one way or the other. The Crosswalk in front of the Southern Plantation property is absolutely rediculous and a waste of resources.
Becky January 13, 2013 at 11:43 PM
The original location of the new stop signs (TLF & Baker Carter) was ridiculous, the new location is a joke! Hundreds of cars a day are now expected to stop at a stop sign where only 2 or 3 people MIGHT cross each day. If anyone is walking to school, it is usually from the Towler Shoals Subdivision further up the road. There's no way they are going to walk down to this stop sign to cross and come back to where they started in the first place. My opinion: Sidewalks - great! Stop signs - STUPID!
Good Grief Y'all January 15, 2013 at 03:18 PM
That's the safest thing to do, Jeff, and usually quickest.
Good Grief Y'all January 15, 2013 at 03:24 PM
Well Robert, as often happens on these threads, one comment leads to another, to another, expanding the topic. But, at least it's all about traffic. A traffic light placed where needed for vehicles would also bring crosswalks and reduce the need to jaywalk. Sidewalks, crosswalks, stop signs, traffic lights - all related to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


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