Loganville's Code of Ethics Ordinance is Approved

Language was struck that would not allow ethics complaints to be filed during campaign season.

During the Thursday, Oct 11 meeting, Loganville City Attorney Karen Woodward spent some time explaining revised language and clarifications in requested ammendments to the Code of Ethics Ordinance. Councilman Mike Jones contested the section which would prevent the filing of a complaint during the time between qualifying and elections, citing that it showed preferential treatment to those running for office. The clause was meant to prevent the use of the code for politically motivated charges between candidates during the campaign season. 

Councilman Mark Kiddoo and Councilwman Michelle Lynch disagreed saying that without this protection, politically motivated challenges can cause damage to those who might run for office.

The clause was struck in a vote of 4-2; the ordinance with the Code of Ethics then passed unanimously.

In other Loganville Council Business:

  • Council voted to give a resolution of support to Eastside Medical at their request for their Certificate of Need for a new Emergency Department to be located in Loganville on Highway 81.
  • Unanimously voted to support the plan for water management as proposed by the cooperative inter-governmental agencies of Walton County, Walton County Board of Education and the City of Loganville for the Bay Creek Church school.  The city's utilities department will oversee the project to run the water, sewer and reused water to the site.


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