Loganville Residents Raising Concerns About a Trash Business

Citizens are getting up a petition in an effort to prevent a local trash hauling business from opening an office and equipment storage facility in West Walton.

A little over a year ago, Walton County residents in the Loganville area turned out in force to object to a possible trash transfer station on Highway 20. After several County Commission and planning meetings, as well as trips to the property in question and similar operations, the voted to deny the rezoning needed for the project to advance.

At that time, applicants Timmy Shelnutt and Buddy Johnson said they were disappointed with the outcome. In a story in the Walton Tribune at the time, Shelnutt said he thought it was a good location for the business. It was set back off the main highway behind . The Planning Commission approved the plan, but it was shot down by the Board of Commissioners after a study by the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission. The study concluded the proposal was inconsistent with the land use and would have a negative impact on the nearby environment.

Fast forward to 2012, and Johnson has plans for another property on Highway 20, but he said this time it is not to build a transfer station. Instead he is planning to take a foreclosed property of about 3.8 acres, at 5395 Georgia Highway 20, Loganville, and use it as an office with additional outdoor storage for equipment. This would be for his business on Rosebud Road in Gwinnett County - .

According to the application, there are no plans for a transfer station at this location. It is to be used as a company office and light maintenance on the trash haulers that will be parked there when not in use. Again, however, this plan would require a rezone from B2 to B3 (general business) and citizens plan to come out in force to object to it. West Walton citizen advocate Herman McCart said he is concerned with the number of extra vehicles that would be parked at the location as well as the potential increase in traffic congestion on Highway 20 and McCullers Road.

“Who knows what all will be done at this location; washing out the waste from the trucks, truck maintenance, fuel & oil leakage, rats, rodents, birds, etc,” McCart wrote in an newsletter circulated to drum up support for a petition objecting to the rezone. “What are the days of the week and hours of the day that the business will be operated?”

Walton County District 2 Commissioner Chuck Bagley sent out copies of the application to many residents who had raised concerns and promised to make himself available for any questions anyone might have. He can be contacted by email at chuckbagley@bellsouth.net. The application can be viewed on the BOC website and anyone interested in getting in on the petition drive can contact McCart at hvmccart@hotmail.com.

The issue goes before the Planning Commission on February 2 and the Board of Commissioners on March 6.

David Binder January 24, 2012 at 12:36 AM
I was included in Mr Bagley's email. Personally I don't oppose the plan. I am a customer of Southern Sanitation & I DO live in the area (off McCullers Rd). The plan, as I see it, is to take an abandoned piece of property that serves no use to the community and turn it into a tax revenue generating business location. As the property sits now it serves no purpose to the community other to remind us of the downturned economy & how the real estate market has suffered. I don't see any harm in this property being used (in MY neighborhood) as an office & parking lot. The trucks get cleaned out at the end of the day. As far as rodents, with the abandoned building & surrounding wooded area, I don't think it'll be any worse than it already is.
Tracy Lee January 24, 2012 at 04:17 AM
I am opposed to this plan. I live down the street from this location and I do not want to smell garbage from it on a hot 95' degree day. Ten trucks will probably turn into 20 trucks, and then before we know it the waste transfers will start happening. Georgia's Highway 20 is not set up for a large volume of truck traffic at the proposed location. It is located on only two lane roads with no turn lanes. The intersection at Highway 20 does not even have a traffic light. This will cause a hazard to local residents who travel this route including school buses. I urge people who live near this site to contact Commissioner Bagley and the Walton County Government and ask that the change in zoning be denied. This property is located just yards from a large residential housing community and it may also affect the surrounding businesses. I also have environmental concerns, I have heard this property is located in a floodplain and waterrunoff from the trucks would go into a creek located directly behind the property.
Terry Mitchell February 11, 2012 at 12:49 AM
On a positive note, Republic out of winder (old Robertson Waste) has established a WAL 10 RATE, WHICH IS 10. PER MONTH. If your not using them , your paying to much. This was proactively done with the assistance of West Walton Citizens Watch.Now they offer it to all of Walton County. A little working together gets things done.


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