Loganville Package Store Applications Now Posted on Properties

City says there are seven applications for six properties - two properties in Gwinnett and four in Walton.

Seven applications were filed with the City of Loganville by the Jan. 31 deadline for the two package store licenses to be issued - one in Gwinnett County and one in Walton. There are, however, a couple of discrepancies that the city is working on, according to City Manager Bill Jones, including that one property has two applications.

The applications received were by three applicants, Richard Ford who arranged the campaign to get the measure on the ballot in 2012, Dwight Harrison and Donald Camp who filed three applications - and Beth Daniels, wife of Maxie Price, Jr., who filed three applications for property in Walton County. Ford's application is in Gwinnett County and the Harrison and Camp applications included two in Walton County and one in Gwinnett.

The addresses accompanying the applications are as follows:

Beth Daniels - Walton County

  • 4715 Atlanta Highway, Loganville (Buddy Balance)
  • 4719 Atlanta Highway, Loganville (Standard Authority)
  • 4729 Atlanta Highway, Loganville (Iggy Iguana)

Dwight Harrison/Donald Camp

  • 3977 Athens Highway, Loganville
  • 4615 Atlanta Highway, Loganville

Richard Ford

  • 330 Athens Highway, Loganville

Jones said February will be spent verifying the validity of the applications and then during March any appeals that may result will be dealt with. On April 11, a lottery will be held to draw one successful applicant for Gwinnett County and one for Walton from the qualified applications. The winners will each pay $4,500 for the license. Although Ford was the person responsible for getting the issue on the ballot in 2012, Georgia law does not allow for any advantage to go to the person who arranged the petition drive. The Loganville City Council voted during the November city council meeting to award the two licenses by way of a lottery. 

Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash will draw for the successful Gwinnett County license and Walton County Commission Chairman Kevin Little will do the same for Walton.

thcooper69 February 13, 2013 at 07:57 AM
WHAT we really need is a strip club ,with a liquor lisc . a good name that will prob work is ,logans


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