Williamson Gives Legislative Update on Title Tax, Water and Public Safety Concerns

Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe) is the representative for District 115 in the Georgia House of Representatives. This update relates to things of importance to residents in Walton County.

With the legislative session well underway, I wanted to let you know about some items of particular interest to Walton County. 

Auto Title Fees

I am thoroughly enjoying serving on the Ways & Means Committee this year. With valuable feedback from Johnny Palmer and other Walton County friends, we were able to address very legitimate concerns expressed by collector and hobby automobile owners. After many hours in Ways & Means Committee hearings, the House passed HB 80 modifying new auto title fees that take effect March 1, 2013.  I know that our new Tax Commissioner, Derry Boyd, and his staff have been training hard in preparation for this new system. The adjustments made will save consumers money and should make administration a little easier.

Our Walton County Tax Commissioner, Derry Boyd, has good information on the new tile fee available at  http://www.waltoncountytax.com/motorVehicle


House Resolution 4 urges the state of Tennessee to accept a settlement of its boundary dispute with the state of Georgia that has been ongoing for nearly two hundred years. The settlement would reflect the boundary line established by the flawed 1818 survey, except with a one and a half mile "inlet" that would allow Georgia access to the Tennessee River at Nickajack in the northeast corner of our state, which would provide Georgia with an abundant amount of water.  The compromise would not affect citizens residing in Tennessee, but would allow Georgia its rightful access to the Tennessee River. HR 4 also authorizes the Governor to enter into any necessary negotiations with the state of Tennessee to resolve this longstanding border dispute. As surprising as this settlement might seem, it is my understanding that it affects less than a thousand acres of land, half of which is owned by the federal government. Moreover, no families live on the remaining balance of the privately-owned property. Governor Deal has done an outstanding job of focusing on Georgia's long-term water needs, as evidenced by his commitment to helping fund our Hard Labor Creek Reservoir project. If accepted by Tennessee, this agreement would be another tremendous step in the right direction.

Public Safety

Supported by Sheriff Joe Chapman, Monroe Police Chief Keith Glass, Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh and Social Circle Police Chief Terry Sosebee, House Bill 59 would help increase public safety by reducing the number of false alarms reported to law enforcement, which would allow our first responders to focus their resources on those truly in need. This legislation requires an alarm monitoring company to use a second contact for alarm verification if its first attempt is unsuccessful. No second verification call would be required, however, if the alarm monitoring company has video or audio verification of a fire alarm, panic, robbery-in-progress, or crime-in-progress.  It is important that we utilize law enforcement wisely.  Reducing the number of responses to false alarms will help communities throughout the state do just that. 

Legislative Week Recap

For a more complete overview of last week at the Capitol and to read who visited from Walton County, please visit the legislative update section of my website.   

I will continue to keep you informed via local media outlets, my websitefacebook and twitter, along with periodic e-mail updates throughout the session.  I hope you will communicate your concerns as I want to fairly represent all of my constituents. I am honored by your confidence and pledge to do my best to represent District 115 and the great state of Georgia.


Bruce Williamson 

Representative GA House Seat 115 18 Capitol SquareRoom 401C, CLOB Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Office Phone 404.656.0152


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