How Many Students Go Hungry on the Weekends?

In Loganville, children from 25 families take home food on a Friday provided by the First Baptist Church so they have something to eat on the weekend. The church hopes to raise this to 300.

UPDATE: First Baptist Church youth pastor Wayne Naugle clarified that the church ministry hopes to feed 300 families in need after getting approval from the council. At the moment it is only in the position to feed about 25 families.

For some students in Loganville, going to school during the week doesn’t just provide them with an education. It also gives them the opportunity to get a decent meal. So what do they do on the weekend? Without the help of a program provided through the , they would go hungry.

“We have about 300 families who need food on the weekend,” Wayne Naugle, a pastor with the FBC, told Loganville City Council members at Monday’s work session. Naugle is seeking a variance to allow for two mobile trailers to be placed on the church property to help with the program.

“These would be used primarily for storage,” Naugle said. “We currently have students at and and we’ve been asked to include . We take food to the counselors at the school on Thursday for them to take home on the weekend. It is all done through the school, but we need a place to bring food in and send it out.”

Naugle said the hope is that the need would only be temporary and the economy will improve enough to not require a permanent structure. However, if the need increases, or does not show any sign of going away, the church would look at more permanent structures.

“We would like to see how it goes before looking at permanent structures though,” Naugle said, adding one of the trailers would likely be used for clothes and they also would like to consider putting in some showers.

“We do at the church have homeless people – living in cars,” Naugle said. “They come there for food. If they are looking for a job we would like to help them get shower and at least present themselves for the job interview. The intent is never to board people there.”

The council had some concerns about the water issue and asked whether those services could be provided in the main church building. However, Naugle said with the Bright Beginnings preschool having to be locked for the security of the students, it would be difficult.

The council will vote on the variance at Thursday’s City Council meeting.

Kimberly Hames March 08, 2012 at 10:57 AM
Is there a way that the schools could be opened on the weekends as a shelter opportunity for people that no longer have homes? The people using this opportunity should be required to submit some kind of proof regarding their need and their should be some kind of work each individual is responsible for so they do not to take advantage of the situation. So many people go without help becuase there are just as many abusing it. It is a shame.
Sharon Swanepoel March 08, 2012 at 01:01 PM
It really is sad and this economy has highlighted just how many of us have lived on the edge. My opinion, however, is that sometimes the churches are in a better position to handle these things. When the government does it from a distance, some people fall through the cracks and some people learn how to work the system. It's usually those who most need it who slip through the cracks. With the churches handling it, its more up close and personal and they are able to see just what the need is. And on the other hand, they are also in a position to see when they are being taken advantage of and less likely to let it carry on indefinitely when the real need is no longer there.
Karen March 08, 2012 at 01:02 PM
The weekend food program is great, I hope the City Council will do whatever they can to help the church for this program. Our church has a similar program to provide food to children who may not have food over the weekend. I know it has been a blessing to our church and for our church to be able to provide.
Susan March 08, 2012 at 06:32 PM
Their can never be enough charity for our neighbors in need. Many of us have given to foreign nations for years and fought their wars. Food, as long as it's not wasted should be something our government can afford. How many tons of it our we getting ready to send to North Korea next month!


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