Gwinnett Schools and a New Frozen Yogurt Shop in latest Restaurants Inspections

The following scores were the most recently reported for restaurants in the Loganville and Grayson area.

The East Metro Health District and Northeast Health Districts are tasked with ensuring restaurant compliance with applicable health and safety regulations. Restaurants in Loganville fall in one of these districts depending on the county in which they are located. Restaurants in Grayson fall under the East Metro Health District.

The following restaurant scores are the most recent scores available for local restaurants from both of these districts as at Nov. 22, 2012. Click on the score to get the full report.

East Metro Health District - Gwinnett County

Grayson High School, 50 Hope Hollow Road, Loganville

Date:    11/27/2012

Score:    96    A


J.P. McConnell Middle School, 550 Ozoro Road, Loganville

Date:    12/05/2012

Date:    100    A


Rosebud Elementary School, 4151 Rosebud Road, Loganville

Date:    11/26/2012

Score:    100    A           


W.J. Cooper Elementary School, 555 Ozora Road, Loganville

Date:    12/5/2012

Score:    100    A


Burger King #17171, 1990 Grayson Highway, Grayson

Date:    11/30  (New account)

Score:    N/A


China Café, 1911 Grayson Highway #4

Date:    12/04/2012

Score:    84     B


Couch Middle School, 1777 Grayson Highway,

Date:    12/04/2012

Score:    100    A


Graft, 515 Grayson Parkway, Grayson

Date:    11/17/2012

Score:    81    B


Northeast Health District - Walton County 

Get restaurant reports here.

Chick Fil-A Loganville, 4321 Atlanta Hwy., Loganville

Date:    11/19/2012

Score:    86


Hong Kong Buffet, 4555 F Hwy. 78, Loganville

Date:    1128/2012

Score:    94


McDonald’s-Loganville, 4638 Hwy. 78, Loganville

Date:    11/27/2012

Score:    95


Night Owl, 4763 Atlanta Hwy., Suite 1A, Loganville

Date:    11/16/2012 (preliminary)

Score:    100


Waffle House-Walnut Grove, 1640 Ga. Hwy. 138, Loganville

Date:    11/27/2012

Score:    94


Wendy’s-Loganville, 4331 Atlanta Highway 78, Loganville

Date:    11/19/2012

Score:    91



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