Grayson Athlete Gets Key to the City

Austin Meadows, a Grayson High School athlete who played on the Team USA U16 Baseball team over the summer, was awarded the first ever Key to the City of Grayson.

Mayor Jim Hinkle presented the first ever Key to the City of Grayson at Monday's city council meeting to Grayson High School athlete Austin Meadows. The award was for Meadows' participation in the winning Team USA U16 Baseball team that traveled to Mexico over the summer.

"This gentleman comes from a family of athletes," Hinkle said. "His father, Kenny, played baseball in college, his mother played softball in college and his brother, Parker, plays everything now too."

Hinkle went on to explain that Meadows is not only successful in baseball, the multifaceted athlete plays both baseball and football for Grayson High School.

"But why we're here tonight is because Team USA played in Mexico and they had a very good summer. They came away 7 and 1 and beat Cuba in the last game - I believe it was a shutout."

Meadows confirmed the score against Cuba was 9 to nothing.

"Not only is Austin a pretty good player, but I looked up his stats in the tournament - he had the most RBIs batted in at 537, his slugging percentage was 878 and on base was 568," Hinkle said.

City Administrator Laura Paul Cone said not only is Meadows a great athlete, but he also is a student ambassador and carries a 3.8 gpa.

In a recent feature in the Gwinnett Citizen, it was revealed that Meadows was the lead-off batter for the U16 2011 Team USA baseball team as well as the starting center-field position.

Michelle Couch September 20, 2011 at 02:43 PM
My former husband who was a baseball coach in the area always said there was something special about this ball player... he was indeed right. He had a real knack for spotting great talent in kids! Congratulations Austin!! Well done!
Sharon Swanepoel September 20, 2011 at 02:53 PM
You're right Michelle. I told my husband last night to keep his eye on this name in the future. No doubt we'll be seeing a lot of it.


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