Fly Gwinnett Forward Seeks Referendum for Briscoe Field

Expressing sadness for all of Gwinnett County In the wake of scandals surrounding Shirley Lasseter's resignation, FGF wants to take the proposal to the ballot box.

Gwinnett's County Commission is expected to vote Tuesday on a proposal from Propellor Investments on the privatization/commercialization of Briscoe Field.  Lacking what many believed would be the deciding third vote due to Lasseter's resignation, many expect the motion will fail with a 2-2 vote.

In a press release late on Friday afternoon, Fly Gwinnett Forward is proposing that the "most appropriate way to resolve the issue surrounding Briscoe Field is for the County to release the proposal it received and for a referendum to be placed on the November Ballot by the Board of Commissioners."

When discussing the future of Briscoe Field, members of Fly Gwinnett Forward believe that this action would allow citizens the time needed to properly analyze the proposal on its own merits. This referendum would enable "all of the voting citizens of Gwinnett to make an informed decision."

At this time, neither citizens forming committees "for" privatation or "against" it, have had access to the proposal. Opponents have been vocal about the possibilities of failure and decreased property values in areas near the airport. Proponents believe the airport is a grossly underutilized asset that should be improved upon to affect a better economic climate in Gwinnett County.

The Dacula Patch has released a summary of the findings that recommended rejection contained in a memo, by Gwinnett County Director of Transportation Martin Conroy.

What do you think? Should the citizens be allowed to vote based on information within the proposal? Should this be put on a referendum in November for voters to decide?

John Cook June 04, 2012 at 03:58 AM
They know that they can "buy" elections with advertising dollars. That is why our legislators object to limiting "gifts" from lobbyists, too. Most people do not realize that campaign dollars from lobbyists make it almost impossible for a challenger to defeat an incumbent at the ballot box. Without a single dollar from the district, an incumbent can still win. If this goes to the ballot box, it will be decided by advertising with dollars from outside of Gwinnett County.
Jim Regan June 04, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Two consultant's reports, two aviation industry experts, the Briscoe Citizens Committee, and the Gwinnett Purchasing Department have said passenger aviation isn't viable for Briscoe Field. Hopefully tomorrow the BOC will vote to reject Propeller's bid and put an end to an ill-conceived plan. Everyone one needs to know Jimmy Norton, one of the the Fly Gwinnett Forward principals, owns a groundlease at Briscoe Field. Jimmy rents hangars for airplanes. Maybe during today's press conference Jimmy will tell us how much money he stands to make if he can sell his groundlease to Propeller? Is it millions or just hundreds of thousands of dollars?


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