Drop in Loganville ISO Rating Saves Residents on Insurance Costs

A drop from 5 to 4 of the Loganville ISO rating drops Loganville city resident's homeowner's insurance bill by between $20 and $40 a year.

Loganville Fire Chief Danny Roberts told city council members this week that the department's ISO rating had dropped from 5 to 4, giving residents a break on their homeowner's insurance.

"We checked with insurance companies around town and it should be a reduction of between $20 - $25 and $40, depending on the value of the home," Roberts said.

Fire departments are monitored and rated annually to ensure that they comply with the International Standards Organization (ISO), which provides a Public Protection Classification (PPC). Things taken into consideration include fire call times, coverage area size, water pressure, extent of hydrant coverage and fire training.

For insurance companies, ISO ratings are important to calculate insurance rates for homeowners.

"Hopefully we can get it dropped from 4 to 3 next year and save more," Roberts said.


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