Coming to a Theater Near You? NYC Bans Large Sugary Drinks

The New York City Board of Health Thursday banned the sales of big sodas and other sugary drinks at movie theaters, restaurants, concession stands and other food outlets.

"Sorry sir, that's your limit, nothing over 16 ounces is allowed here." That's in New York City - for now.  According to the San Franciso Chronicle online, New York City's Board of Health Thursday passed a rule that bans the sale of big sodas and other sugary drinks at movie theaters, restaurants, concession stands, and other food outlets. The rule limits cups and bottles of non-diet soda's, sweet teas or other high-calorie drinks to just 16-ounces.

According to the SFC, the ban applies to fast-food restaurants, movie and broadway theaters and even workplace cafeterias - most all places that sell prepared food. However, it doesn't extend - at least not yet - to beverages sold in supermarkets and convenience stores. It doesn't cover beverages sold in supermarkets or most convenience stores. Needless to say, those in the industry are not impressed and reportedly claim the plan is misguided, placing too much of an emphasis on the role these drinks have played in making people fat.

Coming on the heals of that calories will now be put on the menu, it appears that the food police are on their way. 

So is this a government overreach or in the light of the country's growing obesity problem, is it about time?

Chris September 14, 2012 at 01:53 AM
"Is this a government overreach"? Absolutely this tyranny is overreach! What a crock! Liberal morons in New York welcome such hand holding, cradle to grave, Mother May I, butt wiping but such a disgusting attempt to RULE Free Americans in Georgia will never happen. We vote RED here and most of us know how to fend for our own. Proud Americans know personal responsibility. If you are fat and lazy, it's still your God Given Right! What a bunch of...


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