Sparks Continue to Fly In Loganville Election

Following a back and forth in the media between two Loganville City Council candidates and the mayor of Loganville, candidate Skip Baliles responds to comments by the mayor.

After a story, and follow up column by Loganville Mayor Ray Nunley appeared in the last two Sunday editions of The Walton Tribune, candidate for one of the three at-large seats on the , said he felt compelled to answer.

In the column, Nunley called out Baliles for comments in the Tribune that referred to current city council members as “caretakers.”

“My first reaction was 'just' not respond to the editorial written by Mayor Ray Nunley, but after thinking through the issues raised by him, I do have some observations,” Baliles said. “While listing these thoughts, I will always stand up for the mayor's right to share his opinions.”

Baliles said he felt that Nunley painted with a “very broad brush” in the column. He also questioned whether it was a way to discourage anyone running for elected office in Loganville to just “forget it” and allow the current office holders to maintain the status quo.

“When elected, I plan to work with the other five council members and Mayor Nunley to move the city forward. However, there are several things I will not do to get elected,” Baliles said. “I will not lie or steal; I will not be obligated to anyone, except the citizens of Loganville, for my vote on any issue; I will not allow anyone to use the election process to tell me who will or will not be my friends/acquaintances and I will not deny my God.”

Baliles said there we a few questions he wanted to ask Loganville voters. 

1. Do you feel as if Loganville is in the midst of a "Grand Plan?"

2. Are you satisfied with the current tax burden for the citizens of Loganville?

3. Are you satisfied with the cost of water in our community?

“The many citizens whom I have talked with, for the most part, are not satisfied and bring up these issues many times,” Baliles said.

In responding to what he considered to be an attack on the current city government by candidates Baliles and former mayor , Nunley said he couldn’t say whether the response in the Tribune would be his last.

“We’re going to defend ourselves whenever I see the need,” Nunley said.

The other three candidates on the ballot are incumbent city councilmen , and .

Tammy Osier October 13, 2011 at 10:49 AM
I'm thinking that Grant has a point on this one. I have a hard time understanding why we cut things that might be necessary like phones and tires. Cutting frilly things such as trees etc...? Sure, let private citizens decorate. I agree there (with both). I've been responding to the story on shots fired in the park on the south side of Gwinnett. Precisely the reason that our taxes need to be used on more security and less trees and frilly things. It's a great fear of mine as I think of Atlanta when they made cuts in their security so many years ago (Firefighters, Police...). The problems with young people firing shots is nothing new to that area; we're just now hearing about it on the Patch, that's all. As those types of things get more prevalent just outside our county, expect more growth here...and more of the same type of problems. We now have the best system in place in the state of Georgia, and I truly hope that we have enough sense to listen to the taxpayers whose monies are being spent. This is a good debate. I believe Loganville is the best kept secret in Georgia and I hope that citizens here believe that too.
Gail Lane October 13, 2011 at 03:14 PM
Mr. Jones - Either you are uninformed, don't understand or are completely skewing the facts. SPLOST money has funded the Pecan/Broad St. Streetscape project. NOT tax dollars from the general fund. Improvements will include the parking area with sidewalks, greenspace, benches and lamps (I understand much of this will be done by the day of the festival). If you are referring to the parking lot that resulted in the removal of the buildings, that was done years ago and also funded by a SPLOST. SPLOST funds are not just distributed willy-nilly. The paperwork involving administration of that funding is pretty rigorous and specific. The projects that are being done are what THOSE particular funds were allotted and petitioned for; so there's no "additional" tax burden on the citizens and the funds cannot be redistributed for other projects. If anyone is still confused, the website is pretty informative www.gasplost.org/
Tammy Osier October 14, 2011 at 03:00 AM
I'm looking forward to the question and answer sessions. I think we have some very viable candidates running for council. Loganville has always been fortunate in that respect. Times are hard right now. I hope that hashing things out will result in some good decisions.
Kimberly Garrett Williams October 15, 2011 at 09:54 PM
I agree 100%! If you want someone on the council that really and truly cares about this town and it's citizens, Vote for Mike Jones. I grew up here and even went to school with Mike's son. I stand behind what Mike Jones says and believe he really cares. There are too many people currently on the council with their hands in each other's pockets. We need a better mix of people in there that care about the city and not how it will effect their pocket or list of friends. This town was great when Mike Jones was mayor. Don't get me wrong I will always love this town but when too many people have other agendas when running this town, something is up. The rules need to be followed by everyone and need to be the same for everyone. And I believe Mike Jones will do what he says he will do!
Grant October 17, 2011 at 12:38 PM
Kimberly writes "There are too many people currently on the council with their hands in each other's pockets. We need a better mix of people in there that care about the city and not how it will effect their pocket or list of friends" Have you any evidence or examples to support this statement Kimberly? Or , like Mike, are you just spouting nonsense and taking random potshots at City officials with nothing to substantiate your claims?


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