‘Bully’ the Movie to be Released Unrated

The anti-bullying movie was previously given an R rating because of bad language, but there has been an outcry against the rating that would have prevented children from seeing it.

After originally being given an R rating, the movie “Bully” reportedly will now be released with no rating at all. However, it is unclear whether that will make it any easier for children to see the movie or not.

According to mtv.com, because of the “multiple f bombs” and such, the ratings board would not budge, even when presented with a petition of more than 500,000 signatures from actors, singers, politicians and even educators and high school students. The fact that it does not have any rating, however, is likely to limit the number of theaters that will carry it. Those protesting the rating say the restrictions prevent it from being seen by those who are most impacted by bullying - middle and high school students.

The movie is reported to follow several families who have been impacted by bullying and is a raw depiction of what actually happens. Despite attempts by school systems to deal with bullying, it is something that some children are victims of on a daily basis. The movie is due to be released in Los Angles and New York on March 30.

What do you think? Should middle and high schoolers be given the opportunity to see the movie "Bully," despite the bad language?



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