After Recount, Hunter Still Wins District 3

The recount requested by current Gwinnett County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau yielded much the same results as the runoff.

On Monday afternoon, current Gwinnett County Commissioner after falling behind following a runoff. in the race for the District 3 seat in a runoff on Aug. 21st by 56 votes.

The recount was completed Tuesday evening at about 6:15 and the results stand. Hunter has defeated Beaudreau by just 57 votes.

Here are the numbers:

  • Mike Beaudreau (I)  4,523  -  49.69 percent
  • Tommy Hunter        4,580  - 50.31 percent

Hunter will take office in January.

Prior to the recount, Beaudreau had written on his Facebook page that while the results were not what he had wanted to see, but pending the results of the recount, "they are what they are." He went on to say that the narrow loss did not diminish what the team had accomplished and reiterated the importance of each and every vote. He said he was, however, enjoying increased time he was able to spend with his family.

"We don't know what the rest of the book holds, if anything at all, but in time, God will reveal that," he wrote. "In the meantime, I have to tell you that I am relishing the increased time I will be able to spend with my family and the dramatically lower level of daily stress. I pray Gwinnett does not suffer under this future regime but I would not be honest if I did not tell y’all that I am very concerned about several of these Board members serving together. Please pray blessings on our County and our Country." 

Chris August 28, 2012 at 11:27 PM
YES! I don't even live in Gwinnett but I love it. That big mouth bone head that wrote on and on for days about Beaudreau is a sore LOSER. Maybe he will shut up now.


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