3 Questions: Grayson Mayor Likes to Try New City Restaurants

In response to three questions, which will routinely be asked of city officials, here is what Grayson Mayor Jim Hinkle had to say in September.

Officials in Loganville and Grayson will be asked to respond to three questions from time to time. This will give residents the opportunity to find out a little more about what is going on in the city - and to get to know their public officials a little better.

Here is what Mayor Jim Hinkle had to say.

Question 1 - What is new in your department?

Grayson had one Council person, Laurie Anderson, and James Gillespie qualified for the Marc Gordon's seat ( Marc decided his business was keeping him from fully particpating in the City) and the Council for next year is now set.

Question 2 - What is something residents in the City of Grayson should know?

Tonight the Council will consider capital projects for the future and priortize them.

Question 3 - If you’re going to eat out, what type of cuisine would be your first choice?

I like to try our new restaurants, and Barbara and I just tried the new on Grayson Pkwy, which serves fresh selections and changes their menu frequently to offer new selections.


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