Wrong-Way Driving and Creative Shoplifting: Northeast Georgia's Police Highlights

What was this week's most unusual story?

Whatever happened to the days when retail troublemakers just stuffed merchandise under a sweater? This past week in Northeast Georgia, shoplifting, and related shenanigans, got a lot more creative.

  • A Lawrenceville man inside a . When he was arrested, he reportedly asked police when he'd be let go --  he was in a hurry to get to Panama for Spring Break.
  • Gardening season got off to a rough start for a woman accused of in Oconee County: pavers from one place, mulch from another and lumber from a third.
  • A couple accused of stealing from a Winder store was caught with beer, a Spider Man coloring book and Krazy Glue.
  • A Winder woman who in February had been was and charged with shoplifting on March 10.

Then there were some cases of general rudeness and rule-breaking:

  • A Watkinsville homeowner caught a woman in his driveway , and she drove off across his lawn.
  • A woman called the police in Dacula after
  • A woman was arrested after -- from Monroe to Loganville.
  • And in Winder, a pizza driver told police he was waiting at a traffic light when somebody

What's the strangest thing that happened to you this week? Tell us in the comments.


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