Weird Police Stories of the Week: Informative Tattoo, Unwanted Photographs and Scattered Mail

Police: Dealing with interesting people so you don’t have to.

Some people write important things down on paper, others use tattoos to remember critical information such as their name.

However, a very visible forearm tattoo of the name "Salita" wasn’t enough to help a . The woman provided the officer with a false name, and later, after the officer noticed the tattoo, claimed to have forgotten her name due to mental problems.

A Bethlehem man also forgot some critical information -- don’t call police when there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. The that he had been photographed while walking down the street. The officer who responded checked the man’s name and date of birth in the state database and discovered the active warrant. There is no word on whether he was equally upset about the photo taken at the jail.

Law enforcement officers don’t often deliver mail, but that is what happened last week in Oconee County after a . U.S. Postal Inspectors gave the deputies permission to deliver the mail to the intended recipients.

In Dacula, it was a . A man reportedly punched, scratched and shoved a restaurant manager after a machine took his child’s quarters. Two servers at the restaurant reportedly dragged the male outside. The man left before police arrived.

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