Walton Fire Rescue Cadets Spread Word about Firefighting Class

High School Seniors participating in Internship Program discuss unique learning opportunity with underclassmen at LHS

Cadets love their first period class. Thursday morning, they offered their underclassmen brethren a glimpse into why.

With more than 300 members of the sophomore and junior classes in attendance, five cadets from the Walton County Fire Rescue internship program conducted a presentation about their experience in the class. The purpose was to spread the word and garner interest in the younger students for next year's class. 

"When we started, we didn't know anything about the fire department," said Clayton Mitchell, a senior from and current cadet in the program. "But by the end of the year, we'll be trained as firefighters. You won't find anything like this in the entire state."

According to WCFR Training Chief Jon Marsh, this is the second year of the program. Last year's pilot program yeilded four certified firefighters, three of whom continue to serve today with WCFR as volunteer firefighters. Two of them are in the final stages of application processes for full-time employment with metro fire departments. 

"The same opportunities await this current class upon graduation, and all the future cadets beyond that" he said.

The internship program is made possible thanks to a unique partnership with the WCFR, Walton County BOE, and . Already, the students have talked about their experiences with students at LCA and LHS.  Next week, they will be at Monroe Area High School to speak to potential candidates. A date at has not been set but is in the works. 

Information for upcoming seniors interested in applying for the internship program can find information in their guidance counsolor's office. Questions about the program can be directed to Program Director Lisa Head at lhead@waltonk12.ga.us. The video presentation can be viewed and is attached to this story.


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