Shocking Reality Check for LHS Teens Prior to Prom

A realistic fatal accident reenactment was put on by Loganville public safety departments in advance of Saturday night's prom in hopes it would help teens make wise choices.

In advance of Saturday’s prom, students from were given a shocking reality check on what could happen if they chose to make irresponsible decisions.

A realistic reenactment of a fatal car accident involving teens was put together by several local public safety agencies on April 26 at the LHS stadium. Although in this instance it was just a reenancement, too often for the agencies participating such events are all too real. The hope was that programs like this would help reduce future fatal car accidents involving teens.

“The agencies participating were the , Walton County EMS, Airlife Georgia the Walton County 911 Communications Center as well as Loganville LHS and the LHS drama club,” said Loganville Fire Chief Danny Roberts. “We wanted to do it now just before prom to show students what can happen.”

Russell Wise from Airlife Georgia, the company that provided the helicopter, said they were happy to participate and would be doing the whole thing again with Monroe Area High School students in advance of their prom.

"Airlife Georgia helps local municipalities in their efforts to reduce teen drinking, driving and texting,” Wise said. “It impacts our jobs and it makes a difference in teens' lives."

Juniors and seniors from LHS were bussed in after the scenes of carnage had been set up. Students from the LHS drama club participated, playing the parts of the teen arrested for drunk driving, the two who were taken to hospital by ambulance, one who was lifeflighted by an Airlife Georgia helicopter, the parents of the teens and the two fatalities.

Brandy Sexton and Fabrae Hellamn, who played the parts of the two fatalities, said their participation was to help show students what could result from irresponsible actions.

“We wanted to show students from LHS, and just in general, what could happen if they make bad decisions,” Hellamn said.

“We just want them to be aware,” Sexton said.

The faces of many of the students showed that the potential reality of it really did hit home. Loganville High School principal Nathan Franklin said counselors were on hand if the reenacted was too realistic for some, especially students who had lost friends or loved ones through similar accidents.

“This is something we want to offer to you, but if it reminds you of something you’ve been through, this is not something you have to watch,” Franklin said.

Jamie April 30, 2012 at 10:54 AM
I got chills from watching this, and brought tears to my eyes I hope it helped now and in the future.
Sharon Swanepoel April 30, 2012 at 11:13 AM
That was the third time I've watched one of these, and I've never not cried during it. Unfortunately someone stepped in front of me with a camera when the parents (actors playing the part of parents) rushed up and got pulled back by police, but that part always really gets me. I was so sad to hear about the Meadowcreek student killed yesterday in an accident that must have been very similar to this. So sad.
ED CARR April 30, 2012 at 11:52 AM
Thanks to ALL those that put this together


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