Petty Theft Leads to Possession Arrest

It was a two-for-one bust involving the theft of a cell phone.

It all started at Waffle House on Centerville Highway when a woman said her cell phone had gone missing. She had left it for only a minute and when she came back to her seat, it was gone.

Police found four men sitting in the bar area of the Waffle House; the victim said she had noticed one of the men leave the restaurant for just a few minutes and then come back in. The officer detained the men and waited for the restaurant manager to arrive so that surveillance video could be reviewed.

After about seven minutes, the manager had not arrived so the officer released the men. As they were leaving, the manager came in; the officer asked the men to wait in their vehicle while he watched the video. 

The office observed the man who left, Blake Brown, take the cell phone off of the counter and place it in his lap. He was observed leaving the restaurant and coming right back. The officer states he was easily identified because of the red jacket he was wearing.

The officer went outside and asked Brown to step out of the vehicle and asked for the phone. He reached into the back seat, gave the officer the phone, and was placed under arrest.

At this time, another officer was on site and while talking to the other men, both officers noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The men were asked to step out of the vehicle while it was searched. The owner was arrested for possession of marijuana.

thcooper69 January 06, 2013 at 01:03 PM
thank god the laws were changed to accomidate THEMB ! theft of lost or mislaid items covers alot . many feel as thou THERE entitled ,to jus pic up or take anything and then scream THAY found it ! over the years as urban sprawl has spread east from tha city and inner urban people come out here and try there shananigans gwinnet has had to add more laws to acomidate THEMB .and with that ive noticed pigeons have came with THEMB .


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