Overzealous Peeping Tom Captures Himself on Video

A Loganville man was charged with eavesdropping after a neighbor found a video camera set up in her bedroom with footage of herself undressing. The camera also contained footage of the suspect setting it up.

Derico Lewis, 28, of Loganville, was charged with eavesdropping - video surveillance on accusations he captured himself on video while setting up a camera to take unauthorized video in a new neighbor’s bedroom.

According to the Gwinnett County Police report, the female victim found the video camera on the morning of Nov. 27, 2012, when she noticed that a cardboard box inside her bedroom had a hole in it. She had recently moved into an apartment complex in Loganville and reportedly still had unpacked boxes in her room.

When she checked that particular box, however, she found a camera that didn’t belong to her. On checking the camera, she reportedly found footage of herself undressing.

Locating the alleged guilty party, however, wasn’t as difficult as you would imagine. It turns out the camera also contained footage of the suspect setting the camera up and placing it in the box. The video reportedly included footage of his face.

The camera and SD card were placed into evidence. Lewis was arrested on Dec. 18, 2012 and charged with eavesdropping. He bonded out the same day on $5,700 bond.


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