Murdered Monroe Man, Charles Stephen Parker, Had Frustrated Business Investors

A lawsuit filed after Parker's disappearance claims he had spent some of the $500,000 invested with him, the Athens Banner-Herald reports.

Charles Stephen Parker was supposed to have used half a million dollars entrusted to him to start a poultry business, but Parker failed to secure a loan and may have spent some of the money, the Athens Banner-Herald reports from a lawsuit filed in Walton County.

The lawsuit, filed on Feb. 7, seeks the return of investors' money and claims that Victor Blockum, a business associate who told police he was dropped off by Parker in Athens the day he went missing, tried to withdraw the money from a bank account shortly after Parker disappeared.

According to the newspaper, a response filed by Blockum's attorney says he tried to withdraw the money to pay back the investors.

Parker, 25, of Monroe . His wallet, duffle bag and car were found in Athens shortly after he went missing, and then in an Oglethorpe County well on Feb. 21. An autopsy has determined that he was shot to death.

A for Parker is planned in Lithonia on Saturday.


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