LPD: Charges Against LMS Teacher "Not Going Away"

There has been some speculation that charges against a Loganville Middle School teacher for allegedly harassing a sixth-grader will be dismissed. Not so, police say.

It has been almost five months since a teacher was arrested and charged for allegedly at the school. The delay has caused some to speculate that maybe nothing further will come of it. Not so, said Lt. Mike Westbrooks of the .

“Everything has been turned over to the District Attorney and she is busy reviewing the case right now,” Westbrooks said, adding that he expects the DA to turn it over to the Grand Jury in the immediate future to decide on which charges to indict.

When she was arrested on Jan. 30, , 31, of Athens was charged with one felony charge of second-degree cruelty to children and terroristic threats and actions as well as misdemeanor charges of assault, battery and simply battery. She bonded out immediately and was put on administrative leave by the system pending the outcome of the investigation. The charges stemmed from an incident, reported by the parents of the sixth-grader to WSB TV News, alleging that Guglietta had pulled the student up by his hoodie and threatened him by pulling scissors across her throat and threatening to “chop” his throat.

The incident sparked an intense response from the local community with strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Speculation that maybe nothing will come of it, however, is way off base, according to Westbrooks.

“If anyone thinks this is going away, they’re just wrong,” he said.

Petra LoPresti May 31, 2012 at 09:35 PM
My family will stand behind this wonderful teacher until the end. My stepson had her for a teacher and she was amazing with him. Even though he was a handful, she NEVER lost her temper and he loved being in her class. I have nothing but respect for her.
Ben June 01, 2012 at 01:06 AM
where there is smoke, there is a fire, get rid of this quick


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