Loganville Retirement Home Partially Evacuated due to Fire Scare Monday

In the afternoon heat on Monday, Royal Southern Plantation Retirement Home began evacuations when smoke was seen on the second floor of the building.

was called to at 1:01 p.m. Monday when residents saw and smelled smoke on the second floor of the retirement home.

"When we got there they had begun evacuations, but we quickly found the problem was a fan motor on a piece of equipment that had locked up," said LFD Chief Danny Roberts. "Because of the heat, we stopped the evacuations and got them back inside."

Roberts said by the time the fire department arrived Southern Plantation personnel were bringing residents down from the second floor. He said fortunately when the motor overheated it had activated the trip breaker, averting an electrical fire.

"We initially called for manpower back up from Walton County when the call came in because of the evacuations, but fortunately it wasn't necessary," Roberts said.

Crews were able to wrap up the call by 2:04 p.m.


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