UPDATE: LMS Teacher Takes Pre-Trial Diversion Plea in Harassment Case

UPDATE: A spokesman with the Walton County School System confirmed that Kelly Guglietta, the LMS teach accused last year of harassing a sixth-grader, is no longer employed with the school system.

According to the Alcovy Circuit District Attorney Layla Zon, Kelly Guglietta, the Loganville Middle School teacher who was accused last year of harassing a sixth-grader, entered into a pre-trial diversion agreement on Dec. 12, 2012. Zon gave the following terms of her disposition:

Defendant shall be supervised by Georgia Probation Management for a period of twelve months and shall pay any associated reporting fees with such supervision. Defendant shall be evaluated for anger management and shall receive any recommended treatment. Defendant shall pay $63.50 in court costs to the Walton County Clerk's office. Defendant shall not teach in any Walton County schools during the term of this diversion program. Defendant shall have no contact with the the child alleged to be the victim in this case and shall not have contact with any other witnesses who are children in this case.

Guglietta was charged with terroristic threats and two counts of simple battery.

"What this means is that if she completes all of the terms and conditions of this diversion agreement, the state agrees to dismiss the charges," Zon said. If she fails to comply with all of the terms and conditions the state can prosecute her on all charges."

Zon said she has not entered a guilty plea, but rather she has agreed to be on a 12-month probation and fulfill the requirements of the agreement with the understanding that if she does so, the State will not prosecute her further.

When she was arrested on Jan. 30 2012, Guglietta, 32, of Athens was charged with one felony charge of second-degree cruelty to children and terroristic threats and actions as well as misdemeanor charges of assault, battery and simply battery. She bonded out immediately and was put on administrative leave by the Walton County School system pending the outcome of the investigation. The charges stemmed from an incident, reported by the parents of the sixth-grader to WSB TV News, alleging that Guglietta had pulled the student up by his hoodie and threatened him by pulling scissors across her throat and threatening to “chop” his throat.

Sal Gangi, father of the victim, said he was happy about the eventual outcome and was grateful for the people within the community who had supported his family - those who knew them and those who didn't.

"I understand it was a long process. It is an outcome from which I wish never did have to be started, but never did get answers, as well as a situation which I was not going to be let get swept under the carpet, as we were dealing with my family," Gangi said. "Not once during this process did I ever think negatively about ANY of the teachers within the school system of Loganville, as we have been around the system for many years. I am a father of four, and love what the teachers, personally, have done for my children. It is sad, however, that my son and several others had to go through such a process in order to have justice done due to the unprofessionalism of one teacher."

Gangi said he was sorry that his son has had to deal with several issues due to the situation, but was proud of the way he had handled it.

"He has handled it in a manner that I wouldn't doubt he would and am truly blessed to have a son like him," Gangi said.

UPDATE: A Walton County Public Schools spokesman confirmed that Guglietta is no longer employed by WCPS.

Frank Hantke January 08, 2013 at 02:09 AM
Its Nice to see people do have to be held accountable for there actions.
Ben January 08, 2013 at 01:01 PM
I agree with Frank, there must be something there, School Teachers do have a bad time teaching Students these days, they cannot make them behave, like they need to, The Parents Take up for the Students, no mater what the children do, I have heard from School Bus Drivers, The 1st Graders no more Cuss words than Sailors in the Navy, they are fights on Buses, Name calling in Class rooms, The Kids don't care & the Parents don't care also.
Petra January 08, 2013 at 06:46 PM
Unfortunately many parents have"not my child syndrome" or "I couldn't ever punish my precious little angel syndrome".
SUNKEN SUB January 12, 2013 at 01:28 AM
* " people do have to be held accountable for there* actions." ------------------------THEIR--------------------------^ I guess we have to blame YOUR grammar teacher for this one ============================================== Ben, were you two in the same class ? no mater what the children do -----^--------------------MATTER 1st Graders no more Cuss words ----------------^-----------KNOW
SUNKEN SUB March 16, 2013 at 04:20 PM
* " they are fights on Buses" ** --^--------^ There are :( ** Not a path to "Upper Management" Mr Grumpy English department


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