Heed Parking Regulations at West Walton Park or Risk Being Towed

Officials with Loganville Police Department urge parents, coaches and other people parking at West Walton Park and on Twin Lakes Road to heed parking regulations or risk be cited or towed.

Officials with the are asking people parking at West Walton Park to be aware of parking regulations or risk being cited or having their vehicles towed.

Maj. Greg Warnack with LPD requested that officials with Walton County Parks and Recreation make sure that parents and personnel be made aware of the problems with traffic and parking on Twin Lakes Road and

"For the traffic on Twins Lakes Road, all vehicles that park on the sides of the street must be completely off the roadway," Warnack said in his note to park officials. "All the tires from the vehicles must be off the roadway so traffic can flow in both directions."

Warnack said police and fire and citizens have complained about the traffic and parking problems.

"On one occasion this year, personnel were not able to get down the roadway to a injured child at the baseball fields," Warnack said.

Additional parking is open for the fields in the parking lot of West Walton Government Building, but Warnack noted that all vehicles must be parked in a designated and marked parking space.

"If vehicles are not parked in a parking space they will be subject to being towed at the owners expense," Warnack said, adding that while officials want everybody to have the ability to park close to the field to watch their children play, they also want to be able to provide emergency services to everybody, including the families and players as well as other citizens.


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