Four Loganville Teens Injured in Wreck Returning from Spring Break

Four teens from Loganville, Ga., were involved in a wreck just outside of Panama City Beach Sunday, on the way home from a Spring Break vacation. Two remain hospitalized in Panama City.

Four teens from the Loganville area were involved in a serious car accident on the way back from Panama City Beach for spring break. Russ Butcher, pastor of The Church at the Grove confirmed the information and said to the best of his knowledge, two of the teens remain in the hospital in Panama City.

According to one of the friends of the teens, the boys involved were Corey Lockridge, a student from and Alan Peper, Myles Tate and Aaron Garcia, all students from

"I have only spoken to the parents of one of the boys and I believe it happened only about an hour outside of Panama City and the hospital at Panama City was the closest trauma unit," Butcher said. He couldn't confirm which of the two boys are still in the hospital or the condition of any of them at this time.


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