Former Youth Pastor and Little League Coach Charged With Child Molestation

Loganville police confirm that Stacy Lee Everett, charged with child molestation and sexual battery, was at one time a youth pastor and Little League coach in Walton County.

A former Little League football couch and youth pastor was arrested in Hall County Aug. 23 and brought to Walton County to face charges of child molestation.

According to Lt. Mike Westbrooks of the , Stacy Lee Everett, 42, of Covington, is charged with one count each of child molestation, felony sexual battery, cruelty to children and false imprisonment. Westbrooks said the charges stem from an investigation that began out of state.

"The victim, who is now 14 years old, was 12 at the time of the incident," Westbrooks said, adding the incident is alleged to have taken place within the Loganville city limits two years ago, which is why it is being handled by the LPD.

Westbrooks also confirmed that prior to 2007, Everett was the youth pastor at a Walton County church but his ordainship was revoked following a 2007 arrest for an unrelated incident.

"He also coached Little League football in Walton County prior to  2007," Westbrooks said.

Everett was picked up from the Hall County detention center by Walton County authorities yesterday and is now being held in Walton County.

(This information was obtained from the Loganville Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.)

A Friend August 31, 2011 at 10:58 PM
According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Mr. Stacy Lee Everett: NO RECORDS FOUND. He may have misdeamenors, he may have had motions filed, he may have "charges" filed. But I will have to agree with Theresa, I could file a motion against YOU, Victor, however unless you are found guilty, then they are just pieces of paper. BTW, I believe he plead "no contest" on the misdeamenor, which is not an admission of guilt.
A Friend August 31, 2011 at 11:15 PM
No, I am not ashamed, however, I know what the person behind this (perhaps yourself) is capable of.................................
Amy C. September 01, 2011 at 12:40 AM
Victor, as usual, you're running your mouth before knowing what you're talking about. I'm not the one that was talking about punctuation, however, yes, a colon implies a list is coming, but when you don't specify that he was charged, convicted, or is alleged to have done it, etc and you start the paragraph with "STACY LEE EVERETT, what a guy! Let's see how great:" and you post the things you posted, you ARE implying he has been convicted of these crimes and you are liable for slander. But thats all symantics. What makes me laugh is that you posted your reply wayyyy down here instead of under the statement that sparked your response in the first place. Hmmm, to be such a know it all, you sure aren't very organized.
Victor September 01, 2011 at 12:53 AM
case number:08CR 1104-3 Plea of guilty : Acknowledgement and Waiver of Rights In The Superior Court Of Walton County,State of Georgia State of Georgia vs Stacy Lee Everett Hardly a plea of no contest, and I assure you that I am not Gene Gore, but your comment regarding Mr. Gore appears to be threatening and slanderous. Incidentally, I never mentioned the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and would be surprised if they published their information for the the general public.So perhaps in the future you should do your own research of Public Records and not rely on information that is supplied to you by your "Friend". B.T.W.it appears that you have taken this quite personally and defensively,far more aggressively than just a friend.Were you a party to this mess with Mr. Everett and do you have something to hide? It seems that you can make assumptions and randomly slander names, but yet your credibility is in question because you will not reveal who you are; either way, your identity could likely be revealed as this case comes to fruition.BOTTOM LINE THERE WAS NO PLEA OF NO CONTEST IT WAS A PLEA OF GUILTY.
Amy C. September 01, 2011 at 01:02 AM
You are exactly right Theresa. Unfortunately it appears that "Victor" isn't intelligent enough to realize a fact if it bit him on the face. "Victor", an allegation is just that, an allegation. There is no substantial evidence or proof behind it, nor is it deemed the truth. It is simply someone stating that a certain crime or crimes occurred. Once reported to the police they have to apprehend the person who allegedly did the crime and then the legal process begins. Near the end of the loooong drawn out process AND in the event that the case actually even makes it to trial, the Plantiff then bears the burden of proving to a jury, BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that the accused actually did what he or she is being accused of doing. In this case, at this point, it is hearsay. One person is saying he did it, he's saying he didn't. It's one person's word against another’s. And that, my dear, IS the facts.


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