Feces in the Mailbox and a Dead Snake on the Door Handle

School's out – welcome to summer in Walton County.

Deputies from the had some unusual calls to deal with last week, a good indication schools out and summer is on its way.

On May 25, a resident on Highway 11 in Monroe called WCSO to complain about human feces being put in her mailbox. Deputies responding to the call were shown a piece of mail that was smeared with human feces. The victim did not know of any suspects and had not noticed anything unusual. Deputies promised to keep an an extra eye on the residence when possible.

In another instance, a sheriff’s deputy responded to the call to an address on Albert Jones Drive in Loganville. The homeowner had responded to the ringing of his doorbell to find a dead snake hanging from the door handle. He reported that he had an ongoing dispute with his neighbors and thought it might be retaliation from the children. In that instance, deputies agreed to increase patrol in the area.

Officials say petty crime usually picks up over the summer. If this is an early indicator of what to expect, it will no doubt be an interesting time for WCSO.

SUNKEN SUB July 04, 2012 at 03:07 AM
"a piece of mail that was smeared with human feces" Don't you hate the no lick stamps......... ?


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