2 Loganville Students Face Charges in Beating of Fellow Student

Loganville officials confirm arrest warrants are being sought for two 17-year-old students in connection with a beating incident last week.

Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh confirmed that the police department would be applying for arrest warrants for two 17-year-old students from Loganville. He said the warrants were in connection with a beating incident that was reported by WSB Radio Thursday.

According to WSB Radio, a Loganville High School student was jumped and beaten last week. His parents called the police after being told about the attack. A juvenile also is reportedly facing a juvenile complaint in connection with this incident. The victim sustained cuts, scrapes and bruised ribs in the attack. Walton County Public Schools is also reported to be investigating the incident.

McHugh said he believes the charges are misdemeanors.

Correction - this incident happened this week, Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Yolanda November 02, 2012 at 05:16 PM
It isn't necessarily the schools but a lack of parental control and participation. My family moved from the Loganville (Gwinnett County) school area 9 months ago after living in the same area, home for almost 20 yrs. We lived in that area for 8 yrs without children and 14 yrs with children. I volunteered DAILY in both of my children's elementary schools as well as the middle schools. Parents need to recognize and understand that their children ARE a reflection of them good and bad and so when no boundaries or expectations are set, when you have parents that are too busy to partake in their kids education or otherwise, when you have parents who basically send their kids to school to be babysat and when you have parents who don't understand that they MUST do WHATEVER it takes, even sacrifice their careers, their material whatever in order to ensure that their kids not only get a good education BUT also just simply enforce the rules of common sense, and conduct. I think too many parents aren't able to prioritize, are fearful of what they may lose IF they prioritize and often times too many parents make excuses for their kids instead of holding them accountable. You end up with a bunch of kids who basically have NO respect for authority and NO fear of repercussions of not following the rules.. My family moved after much careful thought to Suwanee, better schools, more parent participation. It was hard but necessary. I was tired of seeing parents who just didn't care ENOUGH
Back2u November 02, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Wow Ms. Smith - I actually cracked up on that comment. I grew going to a "rich" Gwinnett school and know of plenty bad that has taken place at this school recently. We moved from Gwinnett to keep my kids from going to South. I have a daughter that graduated from LHS in "08 and went on to and graduated fom Clemson. Have 2 boys still at LHS and although LHS has the "typical" incidents that high schools have today, this came to me as a complete shock. I think the problem is that these Gwinnett Co kids are coming in on our territory. YOU can keep em!!!
ToCloseToHome November 02, 2012 at 06:09 PM
"McHugh said he believes the charges are misdemeanors" - I would like to know how he thinks they should only be charged with misdemeanors? Three of them jumped one student - without cause! Causing a concussion and bruised ribs. "An aggravated battery charge is also considered a felony. There are three ways you can be charged with this crime: if you immobilize a person so that they cannot use their body to escape from a dangerous situation or to save themselves. THEY HELD HIM DOWN AND BEAT HIM!
SUNKEN SUB November 04, 2012 at 04:00 PM
I have worked in all WCPS locations over the years as a substitute. If you think another school or system is the root cause of problems: I can tell you, Brother/Sister Heal thy own self. These problems exist in all the schools. I have seen "problem" kids transferred between schools (a fringe benefit of being a sub). If they are not there now, they soon will be. I have seen the disappointment and frustration in the faces of students when "disruptive" (Mild as I can make it -- worse --->) students are in a class. Peer pressure to downright fear keep the others quiet but the facial expressions say it all. My advice to them was, I spoke openly, Get yourself transferred. OUT of this class Out of this school Off this planet You only have one chance to get a good education, make the most of it. As a parent, you must do this for your child. I speak with regret for not having done this for my own kids. The damage is still healing. PART 1 OF 2
SUNKEN SUB November 04, 2012 at 04:00 PM
PART 2 OF 2 Have a look for yourself. Go to the school unannounced, check in and then, visit your child's class. Pay close attention as you approach the door to get an idea of what is happening BEFORE you enter. Sit as an observer, the teacher should be given a note explaining your visit but don't tell the students. Follow up with a note to the teacher of your observations and concerns, Make the administration aware of your findings AFTER the teacher has had time to respond to your observations. After all, they are there EVERY day and hour. SS 162


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