South Gwinnett's Sgt. Christopher Diaz: 'Mark Rinehart is our Battle Buddy'

A Letter to the Editor from South Gwinnett's Jr. ROTC commander.

The following is a Letter to the Editor from Sgt. Christopher Diaz, commander of South Gwinnett's Jr. ROTC. during class last week.

"A few Cadets (Cadet Sergeant First Class Dallis Cash, Cadet Staff Sergeant Kylin Mills and Cadet Captain Martha Iracheta) presented a Raider T-shirt to Mr. Rinehart today during 3rd period. You have to earn that T-shirt. You can’t purchase them. 

We made him an honorary Raider for his hard work and dedication, and for the way he is pushing through his situation. He practiced with us yesterday during our Raider Practice and has an open invite anytime.

You have no idea how that made me feel when he came out to support my guys.  He’s a tough one, if you know what I mean.  He’s the tough one.

He’s a trooper.

He’s a Raider.

He’s our battle buddy and whatever we can do to help him we’ll do. 

He sent me this letter earlier today:


Thank you for the honor you gave me this morning during third period. I am proud to be an honorary Raider. It means more to me than I am able to express in a simple email...


Floyd Mark Rinehart


Sergeant First Class (R) Christopher Diaz
Army Instructor


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