Lingerie Football League Coming to Gwinnett - What's a Good Name for the Team?

The league that features women playing in pad, helmets - and underwear - is asking future fans to come up with a name for the team. Any suggestions?

The Dallas Cowboys' owner announced this week that his Cowboys Stadium would begin selling Victoria's Secret apparel. Neat. But soon at the Gwinnett Arena fans will have women playing football in lingerie. Beat that!

The Lingerie Football League, based in Las Vegas, has announced plans to expand to the Gwinnett Arena in 2013. According to a news release, the league plans games on April 13 and May 18, 2013, in Gwinnett.

“Atlanta is one of those signature markets that any sports league targets. What primarily drove our decision to come to Atlanta was the incredible interest from the city, host arenas and fans”, said Mitchell S. Mortaza, league founder and chairman.

The LFL says it plans open tryout, with date and location to be named, so stayed tuned women.

According to the LFL website, the league plays on a 50-yard field with eight-yard end zones. There are seven players on both offense and defense, with no punting or field goals. Action features two 17-minute halves. Active rosters consist of 14 players.

The league currently features 12 teams, with nicknames including "Passion," "Crush" and "Sin." The team coming to Gwinnett is as yet unnamed and owners are looking for ideas. Do you have any? Since the franchise has not yet been christened, the league is inviting fans to submit their suggestions to LFLinAtlanta@LFLUS.com through Friday, Oct. 19.

What name would you suggest for the team?

Otis The Town Drunk October 04, 2012 at 03:40 PM
The Violent Violets. I thought of this on my own only to find it in a Google search.
Sharon Swanepoel October 04, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Hmm, The Violent Violets - I like it. I'm still thinking on this one though.


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