Grayson Day was Great!

What a wonderful way to celebrate our communty.

My small glimpse of Grayson Day was great!

Here were my favorites…

The Blue Sky Day – could a community ask for better weather?  Low 80’s, not a cloud in site, a tad warm in the sun, and just right in the shade.  We brought sack chairs and set up in a shady spot near the live music under the central pavilion.  After a couple of country acts a fresh new band entered the stage.  More later.

The Laid Back Crowd – everyone was in a good mood.  Everyone!  It seemed as though every vendor, every politician, every announcer, every child, and every adult was in a great mood.  Who wouldn’t be on a great day like yesterday?

The Garrett Jones Band – apologies to the band because I’m pretty sure that’s not the name.  Regardless, I really enjoyed their performance.  I loved the jam session and the song selections from the Garrett Jones Band.  Great original songs and covers from U2, and Bob Marley.  Good clean fun.

Friends – we ran into several friends.  A couple from church, a family from our old neighborhood, acquaintances we’ve met through our kids, kids who are now all grown up with families from way back in my Lilburn days, R.J. Hammer who has been friends with my son since 3rd grade, and my friend Carter McInnis from Church of The Way.  I’m so thankful to have been living in the Loganville/Grayson community for over 10 years now.  What a great community!

Three Branches Meat Marinade – I bought some meat sauce from the family of one of my daughter’s friends.  They told me that Granddad had been making it for 30 years and it was the best stuff in the world.  It’s a lot like Dale’s Sauce (otherwise known as the elixir of God in my house), but with more of a vinegar bar-b-que sauce taste than a steak sauce sauce taste.  We put it on some Salmon and grilled it last night.  I’m a fan.  It was great sauce . . . made and bottled in Loganville, GA., sold at Grayson Days, and at other local events.

The Petting Zoo – for only five dollars my wife got to go to the petting zoo.  I enjoyed watching her pet rabbits, chickens, bunnies, piglets, and goats.  The rabbits were so soft.  The goat was funny because he would butt the rabbits with his head to move them out of shady spots.  My wife picked up the goat, nuzzled it against her cheek, and my daughter took a picture.  It’s her new Facebook profile pic.  My wife and the goat. . . a beautiful couple . . . I guess I’ll have to work harder to get in her profile pic.

The Girl With the Upside Down Cross – the girl with the upside down cross on her t-shirt caught my attention.  She had a necklace with the same symbol.  What was it about?  At first I was concerned.  Was this rebellious, disenfranchised teen trying to stick it to all the church groups who were represented in the park?  I saw her one more time and said to myself, “If she gets close I’m going to ask her about that cross.”  Frankly, I’m sort of tired of atheist and agnostic types using Christian symbols in negative ways.  That’s a Jesus fish you placed that Darwin in.  I get it; you think Jesus evolved just like you think everything else evolved.  You’ve got big faith in science.  It’s free country.  State your opinion.  But when you do state your opinion try something new.  Be creative.  Find your own symbol and stop denigrating positive symbols of the Christian Faith.  O.K., rant over, back to Grayson Days.  Was the upside down cross just another insensitive use of a positive symbol of the Christian Faith?  No. I turned around at one point and the girl was standing three feet away looking at me.  I said, “Hey, what’s your cross about.”  She smiled and said, “It’s for Peter.  He was crucified upside down for following Jesus.”  What a cool way to share her faith.  And she didn’t even have to denigrate any symbols from any other religions or secular belief systems.  Nice.  What a great way to end a near perfect visit to a near perfect community gathering on a near perfect day.

Grayson Day was Great!


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